Manifestation is real.

Five years ago I stood at the edge of the park near my house and begged for my sisters to join me, to find me. Allison Gaines, Nada Chehade, Renita Quirls, and Savvanah Worley answered the call and have been my major support system for the last two years. Not because they sit and talk about my emotions, but because they encourage my writing, they read my work, they lift me up and they accept me when I fall.

Every few months we get together to discuss what’s going on in the world, and we do it together, but after we’ve taken a few moments to bond with each other privately, so why you might be asking do we do these in public? First and foremost because it’s fun, but also because let’s face it, who doesn’t like seeing a bunch of colored girls getting together to laugh and manifest greatness as a team?

The Goddess Sessions remind me that I am fighting for more than myself. They remind me that I am part of an ecosystem of women from around the world, all with similar experiences, all fighting the same battle, and these sessions are our way of releasing our battle cries into the world.

When men do this, the session where they sit and talk about how great they are while scratching their own balls we laugh and dance and enjoy the music but we lose the message behind “they just released a new song.” We’re doing a Sista Session without music so that our messages are clear. Women are done behind the scenes, and we’re coming out to the public together, as a show of not just solidarity, but true sisterhood.

Meet the Ladies

Allison Gaines

Allison Gaines is the voice of the future, and too few people take that sentence seriously. A scholar, a writer, editor, and founder of several communities that help marginalized people raise their voices, Allison Gaines is someone you can always count on to tell it like it is, while slapping you in the face with truth that feels like a kiss from angels.

Allison’s work mostly focuses on anti-racism topics, and reminding white people that their fragility is her stepping stone to changing the world one essay at a time.

You can find Allison most often in the Writers and Editors of Color community, checking on all the writers she helps to foster with love and positivity. Or on Twitter @@queenie4rmnola. Check out her website Here at Allison The Daily Writer.

Renita Quirls

Renita Quirls is one of my favorite people. She joins us from the uSA like Allison, and is the foundress of A wife, a warrior, a poet in the making with an unexplainable love for Kanye West, Renita Quirls is a blogger, content creator, future author and impossibly unavailable to finish the Marvel End Game Series no matter how hard she tries.

One of the hardest working women in the Content Creation world, Renita started the Be Your Own Kind community on Facebook where she welcomes Black women to come together and hang out and have the chance to bond over laughter, tears, and the desire to change your life one moment at a time. @BeYourOwnKind24

Nada Chehade

Nada Chehade joins us from Toronto by way of London and the UAE. Nada is a force to be reckoned with, refusing to settle down on purpose, and not at all here to be merely just one thing, Nada is a slayer of dragons, an ender of demons, and a fighter among sheep. Nada claims that the world was not ready for her birth and she’s absolutely correct. The first time author of Gaslight Avenue, Nada is one of the women who I look up to, because she’s so powerfully strong, even when she’s allowing herself to break down. You can find her at @nada_chehade_.

Savannah Worley

Savannah Worley is another one of my favorite sista’s. Quietly powerful, Savannah doesn’t yet know the power of her own strength but she’s learning a little more every single day and teaching the rest of us along with her. Savannah is powerful because she was trained not to be, and laughs in the face – often – of all those who disrespect her. One of the sweetest people you’ll ever meet, Savvy is currently a Medium writer, but you’ll be seeing her name under the title Author very soon I have no doubt. You can find her on Twitter @SavvyWroteThat.

And then there’s Devon J Hall

As you know, Devon J Hall is the author of two books, Uncomfortable, and Uncomfortable II: Fundamental Foundations for Mental Health Content Creators, both designed to help people find new ways to deal with old and uncomfortable problems. You can find Devon on Twitter @LoudMthBrownGrl.

I hope you’ll join us this Friday at 7 pm on Facebook Live @OriginalLMBG

Sending all my love,

Devon J Hall

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