So the thing is that when I go into thinking mode, my body is almost robotic. I’m miles ahead of what I’m writing about, but the things in my head that are coming out, are so far in the past that I’m not really thinking a lot of times about the things that I am grateful for, on an almost cosmic level.

I’m stuck in this “got to get it out,” so that I can get to the “moving on,” phase, and I know that this is because I had a stunted youth. Like many young people I didn’t get the kidhood, I should have. It was violent, violated, and filled with a lot of bullshit that made me sick to my stomach. And still does.


There are also some really great things that happened in the last few years to make me rethink the things in my past, present, and future. Namely, the annoying voice in my ear telling me that I can be whatever I want, as long as I behave in a way that’s acceptable to others.

I was supposed to scream out for help you see, wait for the white knight to save me, and for a lot of years I did exactly that, but all I found when I finally discovered that I was allowed to leave the castle whenever I want, was just more dragons, hiding and pretending to be sheep.

So I moved on, and I built this website, and a lot of it is because it had to be said, and no one was saying it, but also because I wanted to create something that no one else had ever created before. So here are 39 things I’ve learned in thirty-nine years, thanks to Savannah who reminded me I deserve to believe in anything I want.

Do Not Chase celebrities, Those People Are REALLY brainwashed…like SERIOUSLY! They actually believe…they’re Gods. Also chasing anyone is really creepy.

The Angels, Demons, Gods, and Goddesses they make fun of or honor on television, are probably real. Even if they aren’t are you either sane, rich, or safe enough to try and prove they are not? And also would you want to?

White supremacy is real. It just is, and it sucks. If you’re different or other, I’m supposed to remind you that you’re probably in danger, and I’m sorry for that. I thought our grandparents handled this shit, apparently, they missed a few spots. If you still have to clean up the mess…I’m just sorry.

Not everyone is going to love you until you’re rich, famous, or know rich and famous people. Suddenly you’re the coolest thing in the world and everyone loves you again. Or until you save the world, sometimes that works too. Don’t try to save the world, for the love of Christ, she’s evolving, not dying.

Not everyone deserves a second chance. You get a second chance for messing up, not for putting your life against the lives of hundreds of others. I’m sorry, I can’t and I won’t forgive terrorists. I don’t care what your skin color is.

The Government gets some stuff right sure, but not enough of the stuff they get right, is right enough to justify the times when they get it wrong. Child abuse, hunger, poverty, health and care, houselessness, these are all issues our elected officials should care about.

They should want to speak for all of us, they are our voithe ce in office, if they can’t do that they don’t deserve the job, and for the record, Hatred doesn’t speak to, or fo me. We talked, that bitch needs to diet.

Elected officials should never complain to your boss, or anyone frankly when people criticize their platforms or behavior. You signed up for this shit, suck it up bitch. This is the job! PRESSURE THEM TO DO BETTER!

Buy yourself more flowers. Regardless of what the world says and when anyone asks who they are for, use your gender pronoun if you must, and talk about how “they’re the greatest friend/lover/partner” in the world if you need to, then go home, remind yourself, you were talking about yourself. The way the rest of the world should.

Whenever possible, refrain from asking a child to save, change, or inspire you. That’s not their job. Their job is to learn from you. Do better adults.

In every single story ever told, Hell’s Kitchen, Whalley, and The Dark Ally ways of the world become allies to those of us who feel the most alone. It is in those shadows we find our superpowers, do not fight it, embrace it, let go, give in, and do whatever it takes to remember you are the greatest superhero of your timeline. You are the center of your story, and no one can ever change that. No matter how much they try. You will thrive. When the time is just right to burn.

You can be completely alone in your home, doing the dances of the angels, and the world will find a way to make money off of you. Never. Ever. Give. In.

The best Joker will always remain Jack Nicholson followed distantly, by Hedge, AKA, Heath Ledger, may he rest in peace.

The Angels never know as much as they think they do. It’s a long way down from Heaven, so don’t be too harsh on them when they try to communicate with you…they are trying.

Okay, thirty-nine would take too long, sooooo I’m going to leave it at sixteen or so, until next time my darlings and loves,

Sending all my love,

Devon J Hall

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