So after Surrey Pride, I got this letter and I totally wasn’t expecting it, so I just thought I’d share it to the world because honestly, it’s really freakin cool!!!

Dear LMBG, I just got back from Surrey pride and I think I gave you a t-shirt. I gave away a bunch of t-shirts and bandannas and stuff and I am pretty sure I gave one to you. I walked away thinking in my mind “Shit! Was that her? Damnit I think that was her!”

So little background, 2 years ago( was it three years?) You gave me and my wife and my son a handwritten letter at Surrey pride. I thought it was the coolest thing. I knew we were members of the same tribe, except that writing love letters to people is something I might think of but never do. You actually did it, and I see you kept doing it, which shows you are braver and stronger than I am, and I am impressed.

Anyway, we ( all 3 of us) kept our letters for a long time, and I think I may have looked at your Facebook page or something but never told you how much your letter meant to me. We saw you again later that summer at New West Pride, and I think I lamely gave you a button or something and didn’t really express the appreciation we all felt.

Then of course all kinds of shit happened, and we were just doing our best to survive. But this year, we were planning to go to pride to give stuff away to promote our nonprofit, and more importantly, it is a very meaningful event for my son.

We were all independently thinking about you and I asked my wife ” hey do you remember that woman that gave us letters? What was her name? Wouldn’t it blow her mind if we had a letter for her with her name on it ?’ and none of us could remember, and we had lost your letters, and blah blah blah I never wrote it to hand to you when I saw you ( I had this whole plan like I would just be like ” here this is for you” and then fade into the crowd.)

So we had the kids with us, and we had the dog, who was nervous from the noise and many people, and my Darlin was handing out crochet worms with googly eyes (the kids call em scrumbly- donks) and she came back and said she talked to you.

Your friends said no one would remember you? WRONG! so if you got a t-shirt from somebody, that was me, and I walked away thinking I should have recognized you and I should have told you how much I loved that letter. All that to say we remember you, your energy, your attitude, and your letters left an impression on us. All that to say sorry for being late because it is past time we should have written a love letter back to you. All that to say: Loud Mouth Brown Girl, we think you’re fuckin awesome!

Dave and Darlin

I just wanted to say thank you so much to Dave and Darlin and all the people at Pride who made the day so beautiful. I was completely out of practice with talking to people, pandemic and all, but honestly, I’m so excited about the next events when it comes to being out in the community. I have a lot of things I need to buy, like more crowns to give away, and I have to make some more letters because it appears we may be running out in the mail room.

All of the letters are on the back of Loud Mouth Brown Girl branded postcards, not only because they honestly are cheaper to make, or have printed rather, but because it’s easier for me to write the letters by hand that way without having to fold them up and add jewels to them.

To get a letter back – in any format, either by email or in person at an event is always a pleasant surprise. I will say that Ohana has sent so many that I’m a bit overwhelmed, so I may not be posting this weekend, but that’s because I have back-end work to do.

Have a great weekend everyone,

Devon J Hall

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