I wanted to bring some of you over to my Instagram, which I almost never use, because honestly outside of writing this blog and doing all the behind the scenes work, it’s really difficult in the middle of a pandemic to find places where you want to go get dressed up to be. Soooo I thought I’d tell you the story of how the Instagram Account got started.

After I started this website, I decided that I wanted to – as I’d promised that white racist cop and his stupid bitch partner – yeah I said it – that I was going to make this brand the most famous brand in the world, so that every cop on the planet knew the most important thing to fear is an Angry Black Woman, who spent her entire life, being told she wasn’t good enough.

So I got high, went to IG, set up the account, took some pics, and realized…that LMBG wasn’t good enough for how I wanted people to see the account, and I wanted the photos and screen caps, and the quotes to really, REALLY matter.

So I thought about all the things that inspire Black women in particular, and I started thinking about Cookie. Crazy, fucking fantastically insane woman, who spent 20 years not seeing her children, because she was in prison, while their father made millions. And for years we watched as Cookie got screwed by Lucious, and in the end…we never really saw what happened. Because one of the most talented artists on that show decided to do something fucking disgusting.

So the IG name became LMBGEmpire, in honor not just of Cookie, or Hollywood, or Taraj P Henderson, BUT because the idea of a woman like Cookie inspired the fuck out of me. “Oh you wanna take my kids? Lock me away? Call me a rat? Call me a goof? Then go make billions on a dream that was mine before it was yours? Aight, let me just take a minute to show you what I can do.”

LMBG Empire was important because it WAS About that, but just for a little while I wanted to also remember who “I” am, so today I went through the photos and I thought I’d share them with you, without captions, because I know what each of these photos mean to me, and to the people in them, but I also want you to make your own decisions about what YOU think the photos I took mean.

How It Started


Now, here’s the thing about this last photo. This is where Loud Mouth Brown Girl became a thing that people were genuinely worried about. It’s not because this is a cool photo of a BC Lion, it’s because although it was SUPER fucking cool to see a BC Lion, here’s the problem. This is a proof of life photo. It’s proof to me, to the men who raped me when they pretended to be Hells Angels, that they were going to get away with trying to murder me.

This photo is proof because I TOLD them that I would find a BC Lions member, and I would make sure I took a photo with them as proof I was going to survive that evil, disgusting, horrific, night where I was raped by cops, who pretended to be Hells Angels, who corrupted men by hypnotizing them with threats of death to the children of the men “I LOVE,” so they would do something awful just so that WE Could survive 20 plus years of rape, torture, and child sex trafficking.

I STILL don’t know this man’s name, but here’s what he doesn’t know. THAT Photo is the reason I’m still alive, because I wasn’t allowed to talk to the Hells Angels when I needed help, so I had to find a way of getting them a message.

On my ankle is a tattoo that I swore meant that I belonged to a Hells Angel named Dragon. Dragon and I (so the story goes) allegedly struck a deal the FIRST fucking time he’d heard that I’d been raped by Hells Angels members.

But here’s the thing. That never happened. I am not now nor have I ever been owned by the Hells Angels, but I’m a good enough liar that the men who raped me – who were NOT FOR THE LAST FUCKING TIME – THE NAME LISTED IN THAT BOOK – Except Justin Fucking Stupid Ass Goof Ass Justin Morris – yeah I said it, again – went to Dragon to ask.

And when he asked, he said there was only 1 way to know for sure if it was true. That photo is proof that EVERYTHING I’ve been saying about the Hells Angels is true.

This Essay written by my friend Stephen Coghlan, for the Loud Mouth Brown Girl army sitting in the shadows, is proof that when I started this blog I TOLD Y’all I had to go to Gangsters, and Bikers, across the globe, as well as members from Anonymous and a million other groups who have names I won’t mention in order to protect the true allies. Because cops didn’t listen.

Is Loud Mouth Brown Girl an Empire? You bet your fucking ass. I survived that night, and you bet your twisted corrupted fucking political asses, that I for DAMNED Sure have NO problem taking on the country of Canada, the nation of America, and every other corrupt government on the planet if I fucking have to, to remind you ONE more fucking time. I’m not afraid of Bikers and Gangsters. I’m not afraid of Cops.

I’m just quietly waiting until everything is in place. You picked up a gun and put it in the butthole of a 4-year-old child. Did you really think I’d let you get away with threatening my life, and the life of my entire Ohana in my own home? How’s that jail cell? Coulda been worse, I could have let Dragon or any number of bikers murder you. But tonight as the cops reading this, you’re either a dead man OR, you’re in prison.

I Don’t give a fuck, what I do know is that the Instagram is important NOT because it’s about building an archive of all the good things that I get to do, it’s a reminder, that I’m a Goddess burning bridges to bullshit, and raising the fucking flags. We’re done being patient.

Oprah and many other women TOLD you time was up. What the fuck did you think that meant?

To Devon J Hall, it means that Baccus is not a name you want to use, unless you know for sure you have nothing to fear from him. It’s a name you ONLY use if you know for sure that if he comes for you, the entire world is going to burn. How’s it feel Baccus? I was four years old back then, I ain’t four years old anymore. I’m billions of years ahead of you you peice of shit. You took off your fucking patches, didn’t you? Is that the story you tell everyone? You wanted to be a good person?

I suppose that might have nothing to do with the fact that when you decided to partner up with Epstein and Rainier, you were told you would be protected. I suppose that has nothing to do with the fact that a 4-year-old child grew up to become the Loud Mouth Brown Girl, who fucking reminded you, I’m not afraid of a man with a gun.

I’m afraid of what will happen when Dragon reads this essay and realizes that YOUR home address is in his phone book. How the fuck would I know that when I haven’t spoken to Larry Amero Senior since I was 16?

How would I know ALL of this isn’t true if the reason that the original Loud Mouth Brown Girl Instagram account was originally named LMBG Empire in honour of Taraji P Henderson…and what does she do? She protects children.

TRUST Me, when I tell you that this beautiful actress and Devon J Hall, had a very long conversation about changing the Instagram account name and why it had to go from EMPIRE to Original LMBG – IT WASN’T because I’m afraid of all the people who don’t know what happened (ie BIKERS,) it’s because I’m afraid of what they’ll do when they read THIS post and remember…it wasn’t just me that was raped.

It was the children of Hells Angels and many, MANY powerful Italian families around the world who thought their children would be safe in Canada.

Times Up.

Believe That.

Sending all my love,

The Bitch Who Lived

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