If War means that in some places in the world, people forget what is happening, then I choose to be one who remembers. I know what is happening in Ukraine is important right now, but until there is peace in Palestine until the Palestinian people can return home safely, the banner on this website will remain what it is now.

There are so many wonderful and amazing people helping in Ukraine right now, and their effort is tireless, it’s important to do the work. But there need to be people who remember the people of Palestine, there need to be people who remember the Burmese people of China, there need to be people who remember Yemen.

It’s important to me that we don’t forget that what is happening in Ukraine right now is happening all over the entire world.

I will continue to use this website to speak out about any issue that I think is important, but it’s important for you to know that when I say the list of countries that follow this website matters to me, it’s not because of where you come from. It’s not even because of the color of your skin, it’s because you come to THIS website, when you could choose any other website in the world to visit.

You could do anything else with your time, but you buy my t-shirts, hoodies and books, you support me by reading my work and sharing it with your friends and family. I can’t hack, and I can’t program, but what I can do is ask you to remember. Say a prayer, because if you think that doesn’t matter then that tells me you don’t believe in majick.

I do.

A couple of Ukrainians got married in the middle of a battle zone and the entire world tuned in to see, that happens every single week in Palestine because those people have no idea how long they have left, but the difference is that no one’s watching which makes what happens in Palestine so much worse.

Because no one is watching, women are raped and murdered at higher rates, children are killed at higher rates, and they have next to zero proper education because of the fact that they are behind an iron gate of misinformation and outright lies.

As in Russia, most soldiers in Israel, Iran, and Iraq are conscripted to be there, and if they don’t join or they run away their families are murdered and hunted down for years to come. It’s exhausting seeing the images every day, and I’ve been trying to figure out what I can do reasonably that helps. Putting a banner up isn’t going to change a fucking thing about Palestine, but maybe people who can do something will read this.

Eventually, I hope that I can do much, much more. Here are some places you can donate to compiled by Jasmine Andersson, and don’t forget that in your own community you can be of service too. There are Muslim and Shik food banks across North America that could use your support, and community centers as well.

Recently the Russian community center in Vancouver was vandalized to show support for Ukraine, I would like to point out that this cannot be the way we handle things. I would be remiss if I didn’t remind people that the whole reason that Anonymous hacked Russian television screens was to warn the people of what was happening and what is coming.

As an adult the concerns I had as a child matter so much more to me now because I’m at the age where I’m thinking about futures with children and the kind of world I’d like to raise my kids in. This isn’t it. I don’t want a world where people attack people instead of governments.

For literal centuries those in power have always used divide and conquer against us in an effort to make us forget that we are in fact one race of human beings on this planet. This planet is already dying, there’s no need to feed more blood to the soil when there is enough love and care and food to go around.

The more that this war goes on the higher that food, gas, and electricity prices will go up, it’s another form of control. By war in Europe and across the desert nations the rest of us suffer, when there is peace around the globe societies thrive. We know this and we’ve seen it a thousand times.

Keep helping Ukraine, just don’t forget the other places in the world that need help too, including your own backyard.

Sending all my love

Devon J Hall

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