When women gather, majickal things happen. When women consciously connect their bodies, their minds, and their souls, to the earth from which we are born, even more, majickal things happen.

Think of your favorite sisterhood films:

  • The Sisterhood of the Travelling Pants
  • The Divine Secrets of the Ya-Ya Sisterhood
  • Practical Magic
  • The Help
  • Hidden Figures
  • Self-Made

Each of these films – white or Black, depends on women working together, to solve a problem, save the world or discover hidden truths in order to change the narrative of the herstory the characters go through.

Women together can make miracles happen, and when they do work together when they stop competing with each other, the world changes in innumerable ways that define the destiny their children will live up to, or the legacy that women begin to build.

A Goddess Session can be a variety of solo or group-based events that inspire women to believe that anything is possible. Sometimes when women gather they smoke cannabis, and other times they do not.

Sometimes they masturbate alone, and other times they dance naked in groups. Your Goddess session is going to be different than the sessions that your sisters want or need, but the end result is always about you becoming closer and more connected to your true self.

In the case of our up-and-coming live stream podcast, The Goddess Sessions are about three Black women coming together to share their stories, connect with their audience and put their voices on the record.

While each of us is friends, none of us have a truly deep understanding of who we are, or who we could be, because distance, and time and space, are keeping us apart. These conversations are very much about showing the world the majick that happens when Black women, and women in general, gather.

There is an argument to be made that the things that women talk about should be kept private, but I just feel like the more women of color in the spotlight the better, even when and especially when, we have to build those spotlights for ourselves.

The Goddess Sessions are coming on February 10th just in time for Valentine’s day, so that we can discuss all the things that come with the big old important V day, and will be live-streamed through Youtube at six pm PST until seven pm PST.

Starting in 2022 Devon, Renita, and Allison will come together to talk about all the things written on pieces of paper and tossed into a basket. The conversations will be completely random but the bonding will be intentional.

The world can be a hard and debilitating place to navigate, and this show’s entire purpose is entertainment, education, and empowerment of women across the board, from cis and white to trans and Black.

Never before have 3 women from 3 different places across the continent come together to share their stories, laugh, bond, and connect, over the topics that matter to them and inspire them to be their best version of themselves.

Join us Tuesday, February 10th, 2022, for our first live stream Session when we invite the audience to join us at the table as we begin our brand new journey with our Goddess Sessions.

These sessions won’t just be women, sometimes we’ll invite our friends, co-workers, allies, and community allies to join us at the table, but this first one is really special because anyone with a ticket will have a chance to listen or participate in the conversation. Make sure to grab your tickets starting December 10th, 2021 from the linked image below.

Sending all my love,

Devon J Hall

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