I am not choosing just one, because personally, I love Christmas. I haven’t always because it’s mostly been a work month, and I do mean “month,” but the last few years have been made really special by my mom.

This year I am taking several weeks off, in fact, I’m taking an entire month away from Loud Mouth Brown Girl because I need a break.

I’ve been digging deep this year to talk about all the things that I have no one else to speak about, and y’all have been amazing. I want to share some cool facts about Loud Mouth Brown Girl, that is probably only cool to the Blogging nerds out there.

This year I had 8,688 people visit the site at the writing of this article, on 2021-12-04, which means that’s 480 brand new people more than last year. I am hoping before the end of 2021, there will be new people introduced into my Loud Mouth Brown Girl world, it would be cool if I can make it to a more even five hundred people.

There are 22 countries in which only 1 person has visited the website, the top ten of which are:

I have more visitors from America than any other country in the world, even my own…I’m not entirely sure how I feel about that, but they say if you’re a success in America, you’ll be famous everywhere. So I’m crossing my fingers and holding onto good thoughts.

These are all the countries where Loud Mouth Brown Girl has been tagged by a computer around the globe. I really feel pretty fucking cool about this.

There is this part of me that thinks that I should want and achieve more with Loud Mouth Brown Girl, and I want to, so I will, but in the meantime? This feels pretty cool.

It feels good to know that the work that I am putting into the world is being noticed by people who are not me, that people are thinking about what I am saying, and it took four years to get here.

On December 24th I will be (hopefully) renewing the domain hosting for another year, which will take us into year five of my writing and put my soul out there on the internet for the world to see. Five friggen years. Five years.

Out of all those years, this is the first year that I’ve put Christmas decorations up on the front page. (I know, nerd, don’t care.)

So much has changed, and while it looks like from the outside, a lot is the same, I am so much stronger and more confident in my voice than I have ever been before.

I AM FINALLY starting to set healthy boundaries, and close doors on relationships, places, and things, that no longer serve me. I stopped drinking again, which isn’t something I talk about often, but every once in a while I finish a bottle of wine off.

Almost always it’s just 1, but I quit drinking, all together. No wine, no beer, no booze, largely because I don’t enjoy being drunk. The occasional glass of wine is fine for me, at dinner with friends or family when I know I am safe, but that pull, that reminder that booze makes everything vanish into the darkness? I don’t need it anymore, and that feels fucking phenomenal.

I am THC certified, and still plugging away at my CBD course, and I fully plan to use this time off to focus on my CBD course so that I can finish in time to release my very first workshop on content creation, mental health, and starting your own business with my future partner. (More on that later.)

There are so many projects that I have planned for 2022, and I can’t wait to announce them over the course of the next several weeks. Throughout the holiday there may or may not be new posts daily or weekly.

I’m trying to write as many as I can so that they can release on certain days and I can focus on things, but I ask you to be patient with me if there are only one or two posts a week.

The holidays are stressful times, and so I am going to try and include some posts that will remind you to take a break, but with everything going on with the pandemic, I imagine little I can say will help. But please remember I’m spending my holiday with family too, so I get it.

What are your plans for the holiday? Are you going to be alone? Or will you have friends and family? Let’s talk about your plans in the comments below.

Sending all my love,

Devon J Hall

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