Full Discloser this post was written March 24th 2020 while the world was in the midst of it’s first global pandemic in almost a hundred years. 

I am writing this letter to the future, in hopes that I don’t forget my present…this is legitimately a letter from the past.

Every word I use takes up air and thought, forcing me to think about what I say before I write it.

The world is dying.


All around us animals and terrain are falling away from our grasp because of our failure to act when necessary instead of when is most comfortable for us.

We have been procrastinating from taking care of ourselves and each other for centuries, refusing to pay attention to the lessons of the past that have us dead center in the middle of a Global Pandemic.

Around the world people are afraid they are going to die from what amounts to the worst kind of flu like symptoms you can get. People are desperate and angry, worried and scared, they are living in isolation some by choice others by Government decree in order to stop the rapid growth of the virus known as Covid 19.

I am writing this now because I don’t ever want us to forget the words of Politician’s who made it clear that the bottom dollar of corporations were more important than that of the lives of their own citizens.

I am sick with a cold and will have to isolate myself for fourteen days even though I do not have the virus because I do not want anyone to catch what I do have. I do not want to be the cause of the spread of the virus.

For fourteen days, I will continue to isolate myself, even though I’ve not left the house in a week at this point. This is not new for me, I rarely leave the house if I can afford it, because I have nowhere to go.

For those of you who do not know I am a survivor of childhood sexual abuse and trafficking, and it’s only been in the last four years that I have been able to unpeel the layers of who I was in order to extricate myself from the drama of my past.

I live on Disability, and I take medication to manage the symptoms of Bi-Polar Disorder and PTSD. I live with anxiety and stress every day, and the morning I wrote this letter, I heard a Politician, The President Of The United States Of America say, that the economy was more important than the lives of his very own citizens.

Other’s around the world agreed.

I implore you this time as you rally to gather and go to the polls, as you vote however it is the government has decided to let you vote that you not forget the trauma inflicted your people over the last four years.

I implore you to remember that Donald Trump made it clear that the economy is more important than your people.

I beg you to remember that Donald Trump was nearly impeached and although that failed his crimes still remain.

I implore you to remember that Donald Trump won the election by asking Russia to hack the American Government.

I implore you to remember being trapped in your apartments or homes, unable to go anywhere because everything is closed because human beings are dying from a pandemic. I implore you to remember how dangerous Donald Trump is for the world.

Now, a drug called chloroquine — and some people would add to it “hydroxy-.”  Hydroxychloroquine.  So chloroquine or hydroxychloroquine.  Now, this is a common malaria drug.  It is also a drug used for strong arthritis.  If somebody has pretty serious arthritis, also uses this in a somewhat different form.  But it is known as a malaria drug, and it’s been around for a long time and it’s very powerful.  But the nice part is, it’s been around for a long time, so we know that if it — if things don’t go as planned, it’s not going to kill anybody.

In fact it did kill somebody: 

A man in Arizona has died and his wife is in critical condition after drinking a small amount of a chloroquine phosphate product in hopes of preventing a coronavirus infection. Instead of the drug form of chloroquine phosphate, the couple ingested a chloroquine phosphate product that’s used to treat parasites in fish. ~Forbes.Com

Donald Trump is uneducated, and more importantly he is uninterested in being educated about the same government he was voted to lead. His inability to keep his mouth shut and listen to the experts who surround him is dangerous, and this is a fact that has been proven over the last four years.

I don’t know what will occur between now and the day you read this, but I know that this is your chance to make your voices heard. This is your chance to change the way the world perceives America, and to decide for yourselves that you are not going to be treated like your lives matter less than the bottom dollar.

I won’t fill you with statistics and information, instead I will ask you to remember the last four years of your life and ask yourself if you as an individual can handle another four years of Donald Trump as President of the United States of America.

I promise you, you cannot. The choices this man has made may not affect you directly, but they affect someone you love, someone you know, someone you care about, someone you care about who cares about someone else.

The result of Donald Trump as President is only going to lead to more deaths, more war, and more casualties of a man who calls himself a War Time President while doing absolutely nothing to better the lives of those who are suffering the absolute most.

For the few days I have been watching the Donald Trump Press briefings, and I have watched as he touted all the good he is doing while taking none of the responsibility of the harm that he is causing. I am sure he will refer to me as the “Nasty Canadian” but I can take it.

What I can’t take is watching the suffering that is happening not far from my front door. What I can’t take is hearing that our globally most vulnerable citizens are at risk because their lives matter less than the bottom dollar of the corporations.

People vote for President, Corporations do not. What I cannot take is one more death, because he refuses to force corporations to do what they should be doing anyways.

Remember when hospital masks used to cost thirty cents to buy? Now at the writing of this post they are up to seven dollars a mask. Remember that. Remember that big companies in America who could be doing the bare minimum to to save lives are doing what is best for themselves.

Remember that he called the Virus known as COVID19 or Corona Virus the “Chinese Virus” in order to brew hatred to our Asian friends, family members, colleagues and neighbors. Remember he’s a flagrant fucking racist. Remember that he said there were “Good people on both sides“, the day after Heather Hayer was murdered during the Charlotteville Nazi Rally.

Remember that he supports White Supremacy, and has proven that every day of the last four years. Remember that he is a back water buffoon who eats ketchup on his fucking steak because he’s an uncultured tool. Remember that he is unworthy of the White House.

This month as you go to the polls Remember to Remember Not to Forget that Donald Trump didn’t earn the White House the first time and he damned sure doesn’t deserve a second term.

Sending all my love from my past to the future,

Devon J Hall


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