‘Threenagers and Tantrums”

In this post Charity Barrett talks about the difficulties of parenting her first child. It’s funny and beautiful and lovely so be sure to check it out.

Life Unvarnished

‘Threenager’ – a toddler with an old spirit, who converses and behaves like a teen; teenager in the body of a three year old toddler .

By: Natalee Cole

I learned a lot of things as I prepared for my first child at a robust age of 35. According to my ob-gyn, I was “not exactly in [my] prime”. No shocker there! So, I was not about to make any mistakes. I read EVERYTHING I could get my hands on. I downloaded two apps – ‘What to expect’ and ‘Baby Center’ – and joined both communities. Like I said – I was not about to make any mistakes. Nobody told me that moms make mistakes and though I learned a lot about teething problems, gassiness, and the terrible, terrible twos – nowhere in my readings and in none of my conversations with moms did I learn about tantrums at three. 

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