‘Threenagers and Tantrums”

In this post Charity Barrett talks about the difficulties of parenting her first child. It’s funny and beautiful and lovely so be sure to check it out.

I have a little human. YIKES!!!

‘Threenager’ – a toddler with an old spirit, who converses and behaves like a teen; teenager in the body of a three year old toddler .

By: Natalee Cole

I learned a lot of things as I prepared for my first child at a robust age of 35. According to my ob-gyn, I was “not exactly in [my] prime”. No shocker there! So, I was not about to make any mistakes. I read EVERYTHING I could get my hands on. I downloaded two apps – ‘What to expect’ and ‘Baby Center’ – and joined both communities. Like I said – I was not about to make any mistakes. Nobody told me that moms make mistakes and though I learned a lot about teething problems, gassiness, and the terrible, terrible twos – nowhere in my readings and in none of my conversations with moms did I learn about tantrums at three. 

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