There is nothing, and I mean nothing that can take me away from my writing time. Except maybe my mother crying out in pain.

My writing time is sacred, it is the most important time of my day, because it’s a spiritual time for me. It’s the time I spend getting to know how I think about the world, it’s how I check in with myself.

Writing sets me free, it’s not just about “the brand” it’s about meditation and medication.

Unlike most writers, nearly everything I write on this website is written when I am stoned.

It is my way of disconnecting from the world in my entirity, even when I have television or music on in the background, my focus is one hundred percent on my writing.

Why am I telling you this? Because outsiders don’t understand that. A lot of professional Writers read my blog, and while I am humble for that, this post is for them. It’s for all of us who are tired of you outsiders interrupting our fucking writing time.

Stop it. It’s genuinely offensive. It’s like having someone call you when you’re in the middle of having a shower or masturbating. It’s private time. It’s the time when we take everything that we’ve been holding onto and purge it into something that can be called art.

Recently a friend through a Writers group asked what to do about two, not one but two particular friends who keep deliberately interrupting that time, because they think of our work as a hobby.

My first inclination is to tell both of them to go fuck themselves.

How fucking dare you?

When someone tells you that from x to x they are going to be “working” fucking believe them. Writers know this better than anyone. It’s a craft, it’s an art form and it takes energy out of our body and puts it on the page, it can be exhausting. Especially when you are using your craft to build content so that you can start to build a portfolio and a career for yourself.

Writing is one of the harder jobs, because not only do people not take you seriously, but they assume that you are legit joking when you say “I am a Writer.”

It’s not considered a job worth having, for most people it’s not considered a job, unless you work in Hollywood. To everyone who has ever asked “have you ever done anything I might have seen,” fuck you for invalidating our life’s career path.

That is probably the rudest thing you can ask, because it assumes that unless you’re getting paid a ton of money, it’s not really worth talking about.

The truth is that even the writers who DO get paid a lot of money, get treated like crap. They are told constantly that they can be replaced, and often are, with either less talented or more compliant people who won’t complain about being treated like crap.

Being a writer is fucking difficult, so when we say “this is my writing time” please respect that. For us solo writers, it is an emotional journey that begins with ripping our hearts and minds open so that you can all consume parts of our souls without realizing how much it takes to entertain you.

Those of you who consume our content get bored easily and so we are constantly trying to have to keep up. We appriciate you, so why can’t you appriciate us?

Who are some of your favorite writers and artists that have inspired you? Have you taken a moment to say thank you?

Thank you Joss Whedon, Chuck Lorre and the countless other writers like Fat Girl of Fashion and so many others who aren’t famous, for creating content for me to consume. I genuinely adore you.

If you would like to support your local Brown Girl Writers please check out this page here.

Sending all my love,

Devon J Hall

2 thoughts on “My Writing Time Is More Important Than Sex

  1. Well said, Devon. I practice a different art- painting, and have the same issues with being interrupted while ‘in the zone’. It’s work, it’s hard to get there, and interruptions blow. Thanks for this.


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