I have this vision of the Black women in the cotton fields, working their fingers to the bone while their White captors sit on the porch watching them while they drink sweet tea.

I keep hearing them say, “one day our daughters will sit on the porch while the white woman goes to work.” For many Black women that is the reality these days.

Black women are working from home more and more, and taking time to connect with each other in ways we haven’t before.

There is a concentrated effort in the community of Black women to support each other, to reach out to each other in times of need. The internet and interestingly the pandemic are both helping us connect in ways we just weren’t able to before.

The career I have chosen allows me to work from home, but it has also got to be one of the hardest things I could have possibly chosen.

Creating content every single day is difficult. You know this because if you’re reading this, you’re probably a content creator.

This is especially difficult if you are a fucking stoner like myself. Most of the posts on this website have been written high, and I have been waiting for ages to announce my connection to an amazing group of ladies and now I can.

Canadian Women in Cannibus is a group of women from across the country of Canada who are working to decriminalize marijuana in the eyes of everyone around them.

There are Lawyers, Doctors, Teachers, Physical Therapists, Make-Up Artists, Photographers, all kinds of women from Canada who are doing amazing things with cannibus.

Part of my reason for holding back on my talking about the group was that they didn’t have a lot of their social media up yet, but part of it is the stigma that comes with being a stoner.

I honestly think that smoking weed saved my life. If I hadn’t had that after I’d been arrested I very much think I would have killed myself. That was literally the worst year of my life and I’ve been gang raped three separate times.

That year I’d been arrested, lost my sanity, my dog died and one of my best friends accused me of practicing Black Majick effectively ending our fucking six year friendship.

It was rough, but having weed helped to calm the anxiety, it also sent me down a mental mind fuck spiral that I didn’t think that I would escape from. Some days I am not entirely sure I have.

P.S. Do not watch A Wrinkle in Time high, that shit will fuck you the fuck up.

All that being said, I highly recommend marijuana, but not for all of you. Some people can’t handle the effects of the THC or the CBD and that’s perfectly acceptable.

As I learn more about Cannibus however you can expect that I will be writing more about the topic and the different ways that it has helped me out.

Happy Smoking,

Devon J Hall

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