For as long as I can remember I have really wanted to travel and learn from other cultures. Unfortunately, the ability to travel hasn’t made itself present in my life as often as I would have liked.

However, that being said, I have learned that I can learn a lot about things that interest, inspire, and excite me without ever leaving my home.

There are women like LT who are teaching me how to self publish my book, and Kim Rhodes who is teaching me how to believe in myself. There are women all over the world that are teaching me how to use skills I wasn’t aware I had.

These days I am so interested in learning about the world around me that I am looking for Bloggers, Writers, and Creatives that can teach me to do something in ways I never thought of before. So what can you teach me?

I find I don’t have time to be around people I can’t learn from, there is no growth in people who don’t enjoy learning. I mean sure parties and fashion are fun and everything but I’ve been there and I have done that, I am kind of over it now? Not above it…just done with those days.

When I think about my mental health, I started thinking about the next book that I want to write and I’ve realized that I really want to go into research mode. I know the topic that I want to write about, but I am not as comfortable with my skills as I thought, so I am eager to find other authors and writers who know better than I do.

That being said I have a veritable library in my fucking closet, so I could almost always use those books for my research, and I probably will now that I think about it, because not doing so would be a waste of time.

I want to surround myself with those who know that which I do not because I don’t even know what I don’t know. I am eager to learn from people, from genuine humans who are on the same mountain climb that I hope to be on one day.

So all that being said, what can you teach me? I myself am just discovering that I have a budding teacher inside of me, but because I haven’t had formal education I don’t know how to translate what I know to be true, into knowledge for other people and that is something I very much would like to learn.

I took a class several years ago that taught me a lot about building a project for the community from the ground up and I quite liked going to class each week. I don’t know if I want to be a full-time student, but I definitely know that somewhere down the road I will absolutely be going back to school to get a degree in something. I’m just not sure what yet, I haven’t found anything besides writing that I want to fully commit to.

Knowledge is in of itself absolute power, and there is nothing more than I love than having that which I do not, which is power. I mean I have power, but not the kind of power to affect the sort of change I want to, not yet. So I am learning how to grow my brand and as a whole, I am learning how to grow myself.

Hah! I am learning how to learn.

What are you learning this week?

Sending all my love,

Devon J Hall

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