I know that I should be preparing for a big launch party for my book, but with COVID cases rising in the USA, I am choosing to not bother with a launch party until my book is actually published, and I might even put it off a little more.

I’m not so big on being the center of attention, so I am actually okay with not having a giant launch party for the book, especially because the Universe just sent me two beautifully adorable new kittens and that feels like more than enough celebration.

Here they are, the little one is Little Bit and the bigger one is Honey Bee, though it’s been about two or three weeks and they still don’t know their names, but I try to use them every day.

It’s funny to watch them because they are so completely different. Honeybee is a bit of a bully who has no problem standing up to my big cat if I am watching..but Littlebit doesn’t want protection at all. She just wants to play with her big sister, and she’ll fight back just as hard.

Little likes to tear everything apart, but Honeybee likes to explore, Honeybee also loves the news, she’s a big fan of Chris Cuomo, no joke when he’s on the TV her butt is planted firmly in front of it. I wish I had a picture it’s really cute, I think it’s his voice she likes.

At night they sleep in the closet, don’t ask me why I think they are tired of getting squished in my bed. Both are delightful companions when the darkness becomes a little too much, and I am really grateful to Nyx who is pretty much synonymous with cats, for sending them my way.

I forgot how hard it is taking care of kittens, but it’s also lovely having new life running around the place causing chaos in every corner of the house. It’s fun to watch them explore and learn. It’s funny that when I get up they bolt back to my room where they are mostly kept.

They spend a lot of time in my room when mom is home because of her wheelchair, at night especially they are tucked away so she doesn’t accidentally run over them the next morning.

I think that’s it, I just wanted to show off my new babies. 🙂

Sending all my love,

Devon J Hall


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