Okay, I think I might have a genuine problem here, I think I might be a work a fucking holic, because technically speaking I should be working on “the book” but the thing is that the book has now been sent to a friend who is going to read it and think of something perfectly genius for the back cover.

I am very excited about this because it means the book is almost done, and I should be excited, that was a rough thirty-seven years of trying to figure out what the fuck I was going to do with my life, and now I am actually ahead of the schedule that I set for myself.

I had planned to start a book when I hit five hundred posts on the blog. I thought that would be a good way of tracking my accomplishments here. Five hundred posts seemed like a good time to release a book, but then a friend asked me if I was actually working on the book and I had to answer that no I wasn’t and that was when I realized how afraid I was.

So I started writing and I basically didn’t stop for a week and before I knew it the book was actually in somewhat decent enough shape to send out to a couple of people, and now here I am plotting “the rest” of it because it’s not done, yet…not technically, but it’s there? Like I could publish it on Amazon and be quite proud of the first effort.

I would genuinely like to add a few more essays now that I am one hundred and one pages in, but other than that, the book is essentially done.

I am really proud of myself for having written enough brand new content to fill a book, I am completely thrilled that now I know that my “niche” is essay writing for now and that I can do that whilst I work on my dreams.

Now it means I can start putting my name out there to get properly paid work, I feel more comfortable saying “I’m an Author” than I do saying “I’m a Blogger.” I think that’s because no one really takes Bloggers seriously of course, but now that I am an “Author” the fucking game has changed.

There is verifiable proof that I have written a body of work floating out there in the world, and it will remain out there in the world where it belongs and I couldn’t be more thrilled and excited at what comes next.

Now that I know that I have done this once, it’s easier to believe that I could do this a second and third and fourth time, and that brings me a kind of joy that nothing else has ever come close to presenting me with.

I am excited to share with you my new project and to see where it leads me, I hope it leads me to a writer’s class so that I can actually study the craft that I am doing so much practice with.

I didn’t even know I wanted that until I wrote it, but it’s absolutely true, I’ve always wanted to study literature and history, and now maybe those opportunities will make themselves available to me in the future.

Even if they don’t, I have still written a book of essays on various topics that show the world who I am and what it means to be the Loud Mouth Brown Girl.

I am excited for you to see it and read it but until then I have more work to do.

Sending all my love,

Devon J Hall



I’m a fucking Author…how bad ass is that?!

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