A friend of mine called Chris Evans perfect yesterday. He’s not, I am sure of it, but I absolutely hate when people say that. It implies a responsibility to live up to that designation, and that’s so fucking frustrating.

I think it’s the worst kind of insult to tell people they are perfect, especially people who may deal with mental health issues, I am not saying he does, but given our times, most people are dealing with mental health issues so it’s a fair bet.

I remember other fans calling other celebrities perfect in the past, and then watching as those same celebrities crashed and burned, in some cases losing their lives to suicide or worse.

I think we need to be careful when we compliment people too much, and yes I know what I am saying. I think the more we encourage this narcissistic behavior the worse it gets.

The worst part is what happens when that same narcissistic behavior is what destroys the object of our affection.

Take Trump for example, those who came before us built him up to be an iconic developer who had the life we all supposedly dream of. A billionaire’s life with a celebrities access. He had the world at his finger tips, and rather than being grateful for all he was granted by the powers that be, he turned that gratitude into selfishness and became the very worst version of himself.

But as he’ll tell you himself, it’s not his fault that his fans loved him enough to trust him with their beloved country, and now that same country is hemorrhaging at the seams and Donald Trump is at the helm…but it’s not his fault.

In the last week I’ve heard him talk more about his Facebook ratings and how nothing that is going wrong is his fault, than I’ve heard about what the United States Government is going to do about the fucking problem.

In days of old Journalists would have gone rogue and found information out by going around the same government that is lying to us. Journalists would have taken risks to ensure that the world knew exactly what was happening in the world. Journalists were the real heros because no matter how many times a authoritarian regime lied to it’s people, there was always that one Journalist who went the extra step to tell the truth.

Ala Arab Spring, and yet here we are seeing a government prove they don’t care about it’s people, the entire world is watching Donald Trump say that lives are less important than the economy, and no one is doing anything to stop him.

I honestly thought after he was impeached he would smarten up, I believed for half a second that perhaps he would take this whole thing seriously, but to no avail. I was disappointed and hopes were destroyed when this whole pandemic thing was first called a hoax, by him.

Maybe I am naive but I have to believe that there is something American’s do to change what is happening in the United States right now. I have an aunt and a cousin living over there, I have blood relatives in that country, I have blood in America.

What happens there matters to me, so of course I pay attention to the news, and the more that I pay attention to the news the more I find my voice again. I get angry when I see him on television talking about how good things are “gonna be”, when is that going to happen?  How is that going to happen, considering the fact that he clearly doesn’t care about the rest of us?

We aren’t in his realm, we don’t exist in his world, a small burning buzz to minuscule to worry about paying attention to. He is the ultimate prick in the balloon that is polite society and yet with all of his ineptitude he is somehow the most powerful man in America, let alone the free world.

Every night in my city I hear the sirens and I wonder if it means another person is dead or dying from this virus, while Donald Trump sits in his actual castle counting his coins like Duck McScrooge.

This is the world my teachers warned me about, this is exactly what they said would happen, and I am not talking about the teachers in school. I am talking about the people in my tribe, the friends, allies, challengers and pushers that I grew up with, and I don’t know what to do about it except to convince you that your voice matters.

If you think you’re out of danger because you’re Canadian, you’re wrong. In Alberta we have Jason Kenny and Rob Ford, both who are proving every single day they don’t actually care about real people.

We’ve been warned about these kinds of people before, the ones who strip our freedoms little by little while continuing to convince us that it’s for our own good, and yet we continue to vote for them over and over again, and by we I mean you, the GOP, the Republican’s, the Conservatives.

Are you so inclined to believe that our ways are evil that you’ll let yourselves burn in the fire that you’re building? Because there is no escape from this. We as humans must stand together, because we are whether we like it or not, on the same earth.

The one thing that this virus has seemed to prove is that climate change is absolutely very real. The world is starting to breath a little better, scientifically speaking, with so many of us staying inside, staying away from the cars and the emissions.

The earth is no longer vibrating as much as it was, oceans and rivers are starting to cleanse themselves, the sediment is returning to the river beds where it belongs.

Volcano’s are erupting as if the Earth is taking a giant breath of fresh air, filling the skies with ash turned to earth as it mixes with water.

There are good things happening because of this virus, at least to the earth and yet I still can’t help shed tears whenever I hear about how many more people have died from Covid19.

So many are surviving, but they’re saying this could go on until June, only to come back in the fall. Our world is forever changed because of this pandemic and the only thing I am certain of is that we will not survive another four years on this earth with Donald fucking Trump as President of the United States of America.

Sending all my love,

Devon J Hall

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