Saabira talks about being the Strong Black Woman, which feels more like a calling that none of us signed up for.


Photography by @gege_tribalunicorn

One of my favourite bloggers Indigo Lorae wrote a post on being the strong friend, an eye opening piece for me. Shout out to Indigo Lorae for writing How To Be A Better Friend For Your Strong Friend. I never identified myself as the strong friend, mainly because what I believed it meant to be a strong friend just wasn’t me. I don’t have my ish together and a lot of the time I do not feel very strong. Reading this post made it clear to me that not only I am the strong friend, but this post also highlighted the fact that I don’t even want to be the strong friend, but how does one shake off the “strong black womancomplex? 

Dear strong friend, even though it comes natural to you to take care of everyone, make sure it’s not…

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