I’ve stated before and I will state again, that I am used to self isolation. I’ve been doing this shit for two years, but I haven’t been as utterly exhausted emotionally as I am right now and it’s entirely Donald Trump’s fault.

Around the world people are self isolating and communities and cities are shutting down in order to help prevent the spread of a virus known as Covid19, or Novel Corona Virus.

It’s a deadly pandemic that has killed and taken the lives of more than twenty thousand people around the world. It is going to systematically continue through our society until a vaccine is discovered that will end it at the source…we hope.

Now we’re being told that there is a chance it will come back in a different strain next year, they’re already warning us that we’re going to lose many more before we find a cure, if there is a cure.

It’s a flu, but it’s like the worst flu that you can get, and it will almost assuredly kill you, unless your one of the lucky few.

Donald Trump wants to open up the American borders by Easter, which is less than two weeks from the day that I write this letter.

Every night I go to bed wondering if my rapists are going to come after me, and every day I spend the day listening to all the misinformation information that I am bombarded with and it’s not about needing a break it’s about knowing that the most powerful man in the western hemisphere is a bat crap crazy ass liar.

Who is actually willing to put lives at risk in order to stop a complete economic collapse, in order to save his billionaire friends all their precious money. Because we all know that money and power have always been more important than the lives of the individual and I have never been more afraid in my life.

I sort of always knew this was coming, it was inevitable that someone would try to destroy the most vulnerable for their own gain, but what wasn’t expected was that person would end up in the White House in the most powerful of offices in the world.

And no one’s calling him on it. Politician’s with the exception of Andrew Cuomo have been absolutely silent about his comments.

Justin Trudeau hasn’t said a word about America’s President’s comments and for some reason I genuinely need him to condemn Trump for this. I need my leaders to tell me and to ensure that no Politician in Canada ever considers putting the bottom dollar up against the life of a human being. I need to know that the people in power are going to protect us from the hate that is banging at the doors of Canada.

I know that we’re all tired and bored, anxious and scared, but how do you not get angry about his recent behaviour?

The man has had opportunity after opportunity to be a leader and has failed at every given chance. At what point is enough e fucking nough?

I can’t visit my favourite neighbour because I have to socially distance myself because I have a cold, but a Mitt Romney who was diagnosed last week can go play racket ball or whatever while waiting to find out if he is a danger to those around him.

I am not even American, but there are a lot of people I love on the other side of that fucking border, my friends, people who inspire me that I look up to, and I am worried about their safety even though I can’t do anything to change the reality of the situation one way or another.

I am vulnerable, and while I hate saying that the truth of the matter is that my mother is an Essential Service Worker, so every single time she leaves the house she puts us both at risk of getting Covid 19, not to mention I have a weakened immune system.

I am worried that she’s going to get Covid, I am worried that she’ll just be a carrier, I am worried for her safety, I am worried for a thousand reasons that have nothing to do with the pandemic, I am on edge all the fucking time and it’s because Donald Trump is a bold faced fucking liar.

This virus is killing hundreds of people around the world every single day, and he’s out there tweeting about how we’re “safe”, the very definition of “PAN DEM IC” tells us that we’re not safe you peach coloured prick.

Yeah I said it.

He’s a fucking peach coloured prick and he doesn’t deserve to sit in that office.

I will say focusing on what is happening outside my self isolationated world has helped me to calm from other areas of my life, although I totally thought someone was sitting out my window the other night  – that didn’t help…especially when I realized I was wrong.

Self Isolation convinces you to become a little more paranoid I think out of boredom, I think our brain plays fear games with us when we’re bored in order to keep us entertained…or maybe that’s just because I am a writer.

I am forever thinking about all the bad things that could happen to me over the next weeks, months and years, as if I am the main character in my self written life story, which of course creeps me out and makes me spin in my real life.

Self Isolation is fucking exhausting, to the point of suicide for some, it’s debilitating if it goes on long enough and it literally destroys the lives of those it affects. Isolation is a virus that many of us deal with on the regular.

In this time of stress and anxiety and fear we need leaders we can look up to, Trump the giant Peach Prick is not one of those people.

He’s the guy that drags you into the fire as the house is burning down instead of helping you escape the kiss of death, he brings you ever closer to it while simultaneously telling you that it’s whats best for the economy.

The other day my heart broke a little when someone on Twitter referred to themselves as one of “the expendables” for a second I thought “bad ass movie” until it hit me how fucking relevant that film is to those of “a certain age” and not men specifically.

How many lives is enough for you Trump? How many people do we have to “let go” so that the economy doesn’t tank?

.Right now I am listening to my favorite song called “One Love”, and I am realizing how fucking absolutely evil you have to be to say that you are willing to sacrifice human lives for the sake of the fucking bottom dollar.

That’s Blood Majick and it’s fucking evil, that’s blood sacrifice, when you let something die you are sacrificing a part of your soul that you will never get back again. I know this for a fact, because I watched my kitten “Nikki” die when I was a child. I was rushing down the hallway and I tripped over her head.

I watched that poor kitten mew herself to death and I understood how precious life is, because there has not been a day that has gone by in my life when I didn’t miss the white haired blue eyed Nikki kitty who I thought was absolutely a gift from God, because of her absolute perfection.

The adult in me knows it was an accident, the child in me still wonders how I couldn’t be smart enough to watch my feet as I hurried to bath time so I could snuggle with my kitten until I fell asleep.

Part of me knows that it wasn’t my fault, but that’s because I am not fucking evil. I don’t sacrifice blood to get what I want. I sit back and I have realized recently that in every single universe ever written about, there has always been that “Vampire” character leeching from the shadows. Often unseen and unspoken about but always there.

Trump is that fucking vampire.

I don’t think I am alone when I say that out loud. I don’t thing I am wrong when I write it to the page as sad as it is to say, the President of the United States of America is an unmitigated absolute fucking fraud and failure.

For the rest of time he will be known as the President who let people die and suffer so that they could protect the economy over human lives. That is the legacy he is leaving behind, and that legacy is going to infect the blood of millions just like that who shall not be named.

This virus is killing people, and it doesn’t care about the colour of your skin or how much money is in your wallet. A nurse in Italy killed herself recently because she was afraid to pass it on because she thought she might have it. She wasn’t even sure and she sacrificed herself for the sake of others. That’s powerful light majick in the world of the Craft, it’s a genuine gift and it’s a horrible gift because it took the life of an innocent for ….what?

Sure if she had it she might have passed it along, but she’d still be here, if she were alive today…but she’s not. And we’re never going to know what her destiny might have been if she’d been protected from this virus at the start instead of three months into a global fucking pandemic.

I am tired. I am tired of Donald Trump’s lies, I am tired of his passionate inability to be the leader the world needs and I am tired of hearing every single day that around the world more people have been killed by a virus that was fucking preventable.

I am tired of Journalists who refuse to stand up to Donald Trump and I am tired of ordinary humans who refuse to do the one thing that they are asked and give up their freedom for the sake of their safety.

It’s clear now what is happening around us and it’s strange that so many people are waking up at the same time to how absolutely downright evil Donald Trump and his “Policies” are for the fucking world.

At the same time.

It’s strange to see a timeline that used to be filled with jokes about celebrities and nerdy comics, sex jokes and music to turn into a timeline filled with angry people who are ready to stand up and fight without a single idea how.

It’s like watching the Women’s movement of 2019 when the Me Too movement first started, I can feel the wave of energy pouring through the people around me as I watch the world slowly begin to burn and it’s fucking terrifying.

Everywhere I go people are in masks, they are yelling at each other for not standing far enough away, not even nicely but actively acting out of an understandable fear in a rather rude way.

People are overwhelmed and frustrated and this fucking fart blossom is telling people that it will be safe to go outside by Easter. No it won’t stay the fuck home until the Doctors who are fighting day and night to save every person on the planet tell us it’s safe and that might fucking be awhile.

Or you can be the selfish prick who licks a bunch of bottles of arm deodorant to try and pass on this violent virus because he thinks it’s funny…and then you can go to jail where you belong a fuck ton more than those who are in prison for selling or buying pot or sex.

Just hours after saying that CNN Reporters are going to push back against the Trump Briefings which have become more like rally’s than press briefings, they are waiting to air it again, because they refuse to stand up to Prince Peach Prick.

Even the Queen of England has gone into fucking self isolation, and granted she has an entire Palace but that’s neither here nor there, the point is she’s doing her part and her son has the virus, so rather than be with him she is choosing to stay away.

People are staying away from family members, they are standing six feet away, they are going out rarely, they are doing their part and there are others who are actively ignoring the advice of doctors for the sake of Donald Trump.

At what point do you realize that Donald Trump is Dangerous for the world? Because I am fucking tired of waiting to find out.

Sending all my love,

Devon J Hall

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