I’ve been wondering, and contemplating, and thinking and pondering this whole Covid19 thing.

I posted that today, and got the typical White guy response, I was called an idiot because a Pandemic is all about the virus. You can check the responses, but as it turns out this is the definition of Pandemic.

Screenshot_10I don’t understand, when it comes to sexual abuse, why there is always that one guy, who decides the mere mention of it makes you an attention seeker.

I don’t understand the need to respond to my above comments with such vitriol and hatred, until I realize, as was pointed out by other Twitter users that this was someone who was clearly projecting.

I don’t really understand the idea behind projecting, because I’ve never considered the times that I have projected my own issues on to others.

I’m working on it now, but from the outside in it fucking sucks.

What pissed me off the most was when this person said that the pandemic was going to stop rape…no it’s fucking not. Rape is as ingrained into human society as time, it’s never going away, not unless we deal with rape culture, and that means dealing with it in the middle of a pandemic.

Rape will continue to happen, and we will always have to fight it, even in the middle of a pandemic because frankly rape is and always has been a pandemic that has largely gone ignored at the best of times.

The minute we stop fighting to end rape culture we begin to loose the battle that so many millions of women and men have fought before us.

Yes things are scary right now but that doesn’t mean that the work stops, it just changes forms. We can’t stop having conversations about the things that are important just because we’re afraid of a pandemic. I’m sorry but I am not sorry to tell you that’s no excuse.

Women, men and children are still being raped, don’t like it? get the fuck up and fight rape culture. It’s really quite that simple.

I was surprised, pleasantly so to see how many people came to support me, even though I repeatedly ask people not to, but the thing is that for me personally I get frustrated when it comes to confrontation. At a certain point I get past the point of needing to argue and I move on, which is what I did with the conversation today.

I went from being an idiot to being a hypocrite for some reason in this person’s eyes because they deal with anxiety and mental health issues too, but they know better than to use this time and their platform to talk about those things.

It’s not the right time because the world is busy dealing with a pandemic and I should know better.

I really wish a global pandemic would sweep across the nation and end rape culture and rape for the rest of time, but that’s not going to happen. Shit is still going to keep being shit unless we decide enough is enough, so you can help me fight rape culture or you can get the fuck out of my way but I am not going to stop talking about uncomfortable things because it makes you feel uncomfortable.

I am not going to stop opening up safe spaces for people to talk about the anxiety and stress and depression that comes with dealing with the after affects of being abused.

Because if not me, if not you then who?

Sending all my love

Devon J Hall



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