If 2019 was fucking awful for everyone, 2020 is absolutely just flat out weird, and we can’t deny anymore that we are being called to choose our leaders more carefully than ever before.

We have the most important and powerful Doctors in the world telling us to stay home and self isolate to help stop the spread of the Corona Virus also known as Covid-19.

Yet Elected officials, people we chose, we expected to lead us in the time of crisis are telling us to go outside and celebrate with family and friends, especially if we’re healthy.

Go outside and get sick, it’s a great time to be with family at restaurants and bars.” Is essentially the message. More than ever before it is imperative that we vote smart instead of out of fear.

I have no say in the American Political system, but I do see the effects that American politics has on the rest of the world and right now I am afraid for our neighbours.

American Politician’s are actively encouraging their citizens to put themselves in danger and while it appears that Joe Biden will be the Democratic Nominee, I am less certain that he is going to beat Donald Trump.

Not because I think he’s a strong candidate, but because there is the old adage you don’t swap teams in the middle of a crisis, and I think too many people are trying to convince themselves that Donald Trump can protect them.

This is the same man who a few days ago tried to buy the company that is creating the vaccine for the world’s current pandemic inducing virus.

This is not a man that can be trusted, and it is absolutely imperative right now that we focus on educating people about the danger and harm of another four years of this man as Leader of the free world.

He is an absolute ponce, a dunce and a complete and total liar. In 2019 he made more than 15, 413 proven lies. Someone actually took the time to count them all.

In Israel the people worked together to rid themselves of Netanyahu, and we must do the same around the globe. We the People. It’s an American phrase but it has a global meaning, we the people can change the world if only we start voting smart.

I won’t endorse an American Politician, because that’s not my place, but it wouldn’t be who you’d expect. My fairy tale American Politician doesn’t exist in the race right now.

I urge you when you read this, if the time comes to vote, vote on Policy, vote on reputation, vote on experience, but don’t vote because you’re scared. Vote because you believe that the person you are voting for is the absolute right person for the job.

Sending all my love,

Devon J Hall



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