I am so proud of every single Survivor who has come out of their closet and admitted to being sexually abused. I am so proud of all the ones telling their stories, and the ones who are still trying to find the words to describe their experience.

Too many of you don’t have the words, and I know this because I am only now starting to discover the words to describe my own experience.

An experience that sheltered me in the arms of abusers for more than twenty years while hiding me from everything good from the world.

That being said, I don’t live so far under a rock that I haven’t heard of Roman Polanski, and his latest win at the “French Oscars”, whatever that is.

I understand that Europe has always been free’er when it comes to sex and sexuality, and I admit to having been impressed with the wealth of knowledge that European’s have when it comes to the pleasure of the flesh.

However, the flesh of children is not on the fucking menu, and I am surprised that France has seemingly chosen to forget that.

People have been asking me how I am so calm, how come I am not having massive freak outs anymore, they think it’s the medication.

The truth is that I am still angry, I am utterly and completely disgusted with the industry known as Hollywood, especially because as a writer I always felt that this was where I would find my place in the world.

The glittering lights, the expectation of adventure and wonder when watching a film, the idea that I could be a part of someone’s childhood memory one day by telling stories has always captivated my heart.

Enter Roman Fucking Polanski.

He wasn’t the first, he won’t be the last, he’s not even the most famous of the Hollywood Pedophile ring that has been talked about in the shadows and right in the open for years. Hollywood has always been a melting pot of creativity and perversion, where anything and everything you want is for the taking, should you have but the courage to ask.

But lately you’ve just become a fucking embarrassment to yourselves, and it’s entirely because of MeToo.

Too many of you are sitting back and doing nothing while this toxic cancer that is sexual abuse and child pedophiles to ruin your industry, an industry that you and you alone are responsible for in it’s entirety.

I am so tired of the idea that Directors and Producers have all the power, that’s fucking bullshit, stop working with them, collectively as a union decide that you are not going to work for these people anymore and you remove their access to the content they need to continue to hide their shady bullshit.

Let that star on the Hollywood Walk of Fame mean something by demanding excellence of everyone you work with. Treat people with basic fucking respect so they don’t make money by telling the world what a piece of shit you are.

Stand up for yourselves by working together to prevent men like Roman Polanski and Harvey Weinstein access to victims. Prevent victims from having to hide their shame and run away from their fucking dreams.

Make Hollywood fucking Matter.

Stop rewarding Directors, Producers and Writers for being sexual abusers, stop giving them fucking awards.

Hollywood is a small tight community of about a million or so people, you are a tribe and right now your tribe is fucking failing.

On Saturday Night Live they joked about Pedophiles like it’s a funny topic, there is nothing funny about having everything you think you know about yourself stripped to the core so that some pervert can live their fantasy out using your own body against you.

There’s nothing fucking amusing about it, it’s tragic, in the worst fucking way because every day it takes countless lives fighting against it, and still we loose brothers and sisters in the war. Every Hour.

Don’t tell me who you thank when you get up and get a fucking award, tell me what inspired you to do what you do. Use your platform to actually do some good in the world, instead of keeping your mouths shut because you’re afraid you won’t get another job.

The men and women you are working for are destroying lives, so be the super hero’s you get paid to be and fucking do something about it, or shut the fuck up the next time we decide to tell you that we don’t care about your stupid awards.

Fuck Roman Polanski and fuck every human that supports that pile of white washed back water trash. We don’t need his kind of movies, we don’t need his support and we damned sure don’t need him near our children.

Devon J Hall


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