Dear Snoop….Fuck you gonna demand respect when you refuse to give respect?! Straight up I want a fucking answer, and I know you’re a bad ass gangster and all, I know you command legions of fans and all, but you need to step the fuck back.

I know, compared to you I am a nobody, but I am a nobody who has a complicated relationship with your music. You’re music inspired me to believe that I could have a better life outside of the ‘hood, while simultaneously inspiring men in my group of friends to believe my life mattered less because I am not a man.

I always wondered what happened to Snoop, what happened to the hard gangster, and then I realized he didn’t go anywhere he just hid himself behind nicer clothes and whiter friends.

How the fuck do you sit there, after what you said to and about Gayle King, and talk about “togetherness?” You were fucking wrong.

Let’s talk about Kobe Bryant, the fact is he was accused of rape, and there are a lot of women out there who have been raped, who need to know that this particular story that matters to them will not be forgotten.

Because the fact of the matter is, too many of us have stories where we are not believed and our abusers are held up as hero’s. Now, I know that Kobe Bryant did a lot of good things in his life. He was in the end a good man underneath it all, but it doesn’t erase the accusations and if you are going to accept the man as a super hero you have to accept he wasn’t perfect.

The fact of the timing, yeah okay I’ll grant you that, his wife and family need to grieve, they need to let go of their emotions and find a sense of peace in the chaos that was brought in by Kobe’s and Gianna’s passing.

What happened to that family is nothing short of devastating, but that doesn’t give you the right to call any woman a Bitch. Where the fuck did you learn your manners? because what the hell would Snoop Dog do if someone spoke to his mother like that? I bet you it wouldn’t end pretty.

“The Brotherhood, the Sisterhood we are trying to create,” includes a world were women are not made to feel threatened for having an opinion.

You have inspired many a King and a Queen to believe that they can have a better life, but with that you have to know, you have the ability to inspire great violence in your name. Whether or not you use it, is fucking irrelevant, the fact of the matter is that you have that power. You are accessible through social media, you are accessible through your music, and people listen to what you say because they wanna be like Snoop.

You’re absolutely right, life is hard for you, for a strong powerful Black man who can’t just lash out when he wants to, because other people are influenced by your actions. It’s like their is a piece of you that isn’t being shown to the world that will make you feel weak and less of a man. I get it, get the fuck over it.

You can’t call a woman a bitch and threaten to have your army of fans go after her if she don’t smarten up, which is exactly how I heard your message to Gayle King.

You need to do better.

Apologizing doesn’t fucking change the fact that you triggered a lot of women to believe that you are willing to put a woman in danger because you’re angry. Whether or not that was your intent, that was the fucking result.

So you need to do better.

You need to step the fuck up, get some therapy, seriously do some work on yourself and prove to all of us that you will never speak to a woman like that again.

Because for us, it almost always starts with a violent verbal interaction, that begets the physical abuse, that begets the sexual abuse. That is the cycle of abuse in a fucking nutshell, and you have now put yourself in that cycle.

You are being targeted right now, because you didn’t just hurt Gayle King, that’s what you need to understand, you hurt a lot of women. There are ways to vent, and there are ways to vent, you could have called her privately, but you chose to do it publicly, and that’s the problem.

You used your platform to cause harm.

It was definitely how you said it, and yes you could have created a worse situation, acknowledging that doesn’t prove that you have changed unfortunately.

I loved Kobe too, for the record, I didn’t realize how much I loved him until he died, because that was the day I started smoking weed again after two and a half weeks sober, and I haven’t stopped since.

I am hurting too, because we lost a fucking legend, but the legend wasn’t perfect.

That’s part of the legend.

I usually end my posts with “sending all my love,” but I can’t bring myself to do it today. I can’t bring myself to do it because I am not feeling loving towards you Snoop, I am feeling angry and hurt and afraid of you in ways I never have been before.

So instead I am sending all my love to all the girls who are now afraid of their own Superhero Snoop Dog.

I love you girls,

Devon J Hall



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