Harvey Weinstein is on his way to jail as I write this. There is a chance he will face anywhere between five and twenty-five years in prison, he might get parole, it depends on what the Judge decides.

It hit me today how much victims and survivors are forced to rely on the conscience of others to ensure our safety and our justice. Too often victims and survivors never receive justice, and when we finally do we’re told we should be grateful.

What happened today in that courtroom speaks volumes for other victims, but more than that it is a reminder that we still have so much work to do.

It took hundreds of thousands of women around the world demanding justice before Weinstein finally received his just rewards, but it isn’t enough.

Until every victim starts to gain support, until we all have the chance to stare at our rapists as they await their judgment our work is not done, this is just the beginning.

Harvey’s life is about to change. For twenty four hours a day he will be on someone else’s clock, he will have a job to do in there, and he’ll be humbled by the very fact that the power he once commanded with impunity is now gone.

He is never again going to be able to hurt another woman, but what about the others? What about the rest of us who are sitting here wondering when it is going to be our turn? What happens to us?

We keep fighting, we keep making phone calls, we keep marching and we keep working towards a future when our children, our daughters and sons, are safe from being abused by men like Harvey Weinstein.

Sending all my love to those still struggling today,

Devon J Hall

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