When I was about ten or so I had this vision, there is no other word for it. It was of Nazi Germany, and all I could see was this beautiful Creole woman with finger curls on the side of her head. She was wearing a fascinatingly red dress with blink all over it, and throwing her head back in laughter.

Then I heard the bombs, I saw another version of this woman dressed in tweed sitting at a type writer, and I remember thinking, “one day that is going to be me.”

Today I am sitting here in my apartment writing about a book of essay’s that I am working on and I realize that through out my life, I have learned that I was born to be a writer.

I don’t know really what kind of writer I am going to turn out to be, I don’t know if I will ever write fiction, but I know that I am writing every day and that matters to me. It matters more than anything I can think or dream of.

More than the idea of writing a film about my life, I want to write stories that inspire the world to believe that things can get better. I want to create stories and poems about the world as I see it, and I want to weave words together that evoke love and joy in the reader.

So I am working on a book.

I remember thinking back just a couple of years ago when I forgot that I was supposed to be a writer. I was so busy suppressing pain and pretending to be happy that I forgot everything I knew about myself. Smoking weed and listening to music, thinking back on my life has given me the chance to remember that I have always wanted to be a writer. Since I was five years old and first discovered a world known as “The land of Dreams,” which my brother and I convinced ourselves was real.

I can’t stress how much self introspection I have had the time to do over the last two years of my life. There was always going to be a book about my life, it was the topic of the book that had always been under debate.

This is going to be a chance for me to tell my story through the lessons that I have learned in a way I never have before.

I am opening myself to talking about my fears this year in ways that I never thought I’d be allowed to…let alone feel safe enough too. I am becoming my most authentic self, so why not write a book about this experience and share it with the world?

I don’t care if I never see a dime, the idea that I am working on a book is enough for me. I am proud of who I am and I am excited to share that with you all.

I might run a contest or something in the future to offer free copies, but I want to get through writing a little more before I decide to do that. I have until October, so that gives us plenty of time to come up with ideas.

Sending all my love,

Devon J Hall



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