“Be a lamp unto yourself” – The Buddha when asked by his disciple who would be their teacher after his passing.

Our teachers exist to teach us to learn. ~Devon J Hall

Teachers come into our lives in a thousand different ways. Think about the way that you interact with the people you come across in your journey. They all have something to teach you, the question is only whether or not you are paying attention to the lesson.

Whether it’s how to be polite to the person at the gas station or how to deal with the issues in your relationship, every interaction you have with another living creature has the potential to teach you something about who you are, and who you could be.

There are teachers that come to us for various spans of time and that’s why we don’t always notice them as teachers.

I remember last year I was walking through New West, I sat down on a bench and I remember this older white gentleman who sat down beside me, he started talking about something, I can’t for the life of me remember what it was, but the whole time we sat there talking I kept thinking “this is what it would be like to sit and talk with Zeus.”

I don’t know if the God of Lightning was actually sitting on a bench with me, but I remember enjoying the moment in the sun with a gentleman who wanted to for a moment share some of his experiences in this world with a total stranger.

Often times we think men who talk to strangers are creeps, but it was all in all a really nice moment, one I will carry with me forever…even if I don’t remember the topic of conversation, that moment is burned into my brain.

Then there is my tattoo artist Bill Gaspari who taught me to laugh when when my life is completely falling apart. I won’t probably see him again, but I will always remember the advice he gave me during our tattoo sessions, because for the moment he was the teacher and I was the student.

There are a thousand interactions like this that we have, but we need to take time to recognize them for what they are, and sometimes that comes with practice, before we are able to put the lessons into action.

It takes time and effort to stop and recognize the lesson for what it is, more importantly to put the lesson into action. It takes practice, and it’s something that I am working on this week.

I am learning to teach myself what I already know by looking back at the situations in my life differently.

Do you ever feel like you’re going in a loop? That’s because you aren’t learning the lesson, and I know how patronizing that sounds but it’s something I have learned is absolutely true.

Every day in our life is a chance to learn to be the best possible version of ourselves, so what’s the theme of your lesson? when you figure that out everything fits into place.

At least that’s my hope, what about you? Let me know in the comments below.

Sending all my love,

Devon J Hall

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