Recently Barnes and Nobel released the story of a plan to change the cover of classic books and novels, to include the more diverse characters.

Instead of just pushing artists of Colour, they would rather change the covers of books to convince us the same old racist stories, aren’t actually as racist as they are. Because there’s a coloured person on the fucking cover.

This is so obviously offensive, that I kind of want to come up with the idiot who decided this was a good plan. I mean, I want to meet the person who was sitting at a table full of executives who first voiced this as a good idea.

And then I kind of want to slap em upside the back of the head and yell “Dumbass”.

I also want to apologize to any of the employees of Barnes and Noble, who might be of Coloured Creed, Nationality or skin tone. I am genuinely sorry you work for such a fucking tone deaf organization.

I haven’t really thought through this plan of being a writer, but I guess if I had to think about it I say I hope that when I finally make it as a writer my books end up on the shelves of bookstores everywhere.

I don’t just mean online, I mean paper and brick mortar stores, where people can smell the book as they pick it up off the shelf. I want them to feel the weight of the words I string together to create what can only be called a life long dream come true.

I want them to be able to smell the dust that comes from the pages being rolled between pieces of metal as it rolls off the printing press. I want them to understand the importance of being one of my readers, and how much it means to me that they are holding something I created in their hands. I want them to discover the wonder and joy that comes with meeting new characters and going on fascinating adventures around the world.

I want to be a story teller, and while I haven’t entirely figured out how to do that yet, being a part of the book store community of writers is definitely there in the plan, somewhere between “Win an Emmy for best Screen Play,” to “win an Oscar for best casting.” Because I fully intend to cast the first film I ever write.

I want to win awards and travel the world and watch real live humans make my stories come to life on the silver screen.

What I don’t ever want however is the cover I decide upon to be changed to reflect a diverse story that doesn’t fucking exist.

There are a million things that Barnes and Noble could have done that would have been more inclusive than this decision. This was a bad, lazy and frankly racist take at promoting and supporting Black people in the month of Black History.

With the way the world is today, B and N could have chosen to promote Black authors and story tellers but they chose the easy way out. It’s offensive and makes a huge statement about where they stand in the race war that is happening around the world right now.

I’m not going to call for an all out boycott, but I am going to say it was a stupid fucking move, stupid and selfish. You should have known better, and while I could go on at nausea the truth is y’all ain’t worth it.

I’m putting as much effort into this post as y’all put into supporting Black History month.

The only difference is I’m high as I wr………….oh….well that might explain it.

Sending all my love

Devon J Hall



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