JlRkHCdL763BFPC3HotvzDPkUR7bT1gzGFnJadIN (1)Tattoos are to me, a reminder of the sacrifice and the journey, that we’ve taken to make it to the point of inking the reminder into our flesh.

They are sacred to me. Every tattoo I have I picked for a purpose. My Witch as a reminder of what happens when you mess with that which you do not fully understand, my Angel to watch over my back.

The words Stay Strong written in the hand of my favourite of all time artists, to remind me that I can survive anything. I have a Dragon crawling out of an egg to remind me that even after my grandfather’s death, life continues on.

They are sacred moments in time when a person specialized in the art of Tattoo takes time out of their day, to help me relieve the emotional pressure that comes with the need for a tattoo.

A skilled tattoo artist can very much be a source of therapy for those of us who have experienced darkness. A person who can understand that the only way to deal with our emotional pain, is to ink our skin so we never forget. So that even if we do forget, our sacred glyphs tell the story of our lives.

That being said…it’s time for a new tattoo, and this one is the one that inspired my idea. I want to get something similar, I love the colour. I love the vibrancy of the red, I love the white on black, I love everything about it, but I need something that is more suited to me. I am just not sure what I want yet, but I am excited to sit down with Nick and figure out what I should get.

I plan to take a few weeks to make a final decision before I make the appointment, but sitting down and talking with someone who understands the kind of pain I’ve experienced, who is going to help me showcase that in a piece of living art is going to be incredibly therapeutic.

Do you have tattoos? If so I’d love to hear the story of how you decided on yours, share them below if you’d like.

Sending all my love,

Devon J Hall


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