It’s because it’s about a White man, specifically, living in poverty and you see yourself, and you understand and it scares the fuck out of you. Because any day now, you are terrified you might be pushed to the point where you lose control and kill your own mother.

Maybe it’s not even that deep, maybe it’s just that you’re afraid of the white poor men who are every day being indoctrinated to believe that they deserve to be happy when in fact they are living in the kind of misery only company can understand.

Either way, the reason you hate Joker says a lot more about you than it does the film, cast or crew. Because it’s the fucking narrative we need to be discussing here. It’s the one that we refuse to discuss, or that we’re discussing, but no one’s hearing us. Specifically those on the Republican side of the aisle.

Now, I know I don’t often talk about politics, but if there is any character in the MCU or DC Universes that perfectly describes the kind of hell we’re living in right now, it’s Joker.

A White man, specifically, who grew up believing one thing, never getting ahead in the world, always thinking the world owes him better than he’s gotten, sociopath who doesn’t really care about anyone else’s problems in the world because no one taught them how to live in reality.

Instead of the violent terrifying reality they live in, where they believe everything is someone else’s fault.

Joker gets a gun because someone gives it to him. He chooses by himself, to take it into a children’s hospital, but to his mind, if he hadn’t been given the gun in the first place, he wouldn’t have taken it to a children’s hospital, there for nothing that happens after that is technically his fault.

It’s the classic story of what happens when someone refuses to accept responsibility for their actions, even if they make the choice freely, without all the information at hand, what could/would/might/maybe/possibly happen, there for it’s actually his fault.

It’s about a poor white dude who refuses to take responsibility for his own actions. Irregardless of what anyone else may have done to influence those choices.

It’s about a poor white guy who needs medication.

It’s about a poor white guy.

Which is the most terrifying animal of all the animals in the kingdom, and don’t tell me I’m being racist I’m talking out of my ass based on actual fact.

White guys are, statistically speaking, more likely to cause physical harm ending in death, more than anyone else on the fucking planet.

That’s just science talking, which those of you who will hate me for this post will ignore, because you’ll say I’m being a racist. I am not I’m spitting some cold hard facts here.

It’s not my fault that you’re white and poor, and yet ironically you hate me because I know it. I can fucking see that you want me to die, for some perceived idea of a wrong I committed that makes you decide that I am worthy of death.

I see it in the way you crop out the photo of Vanessa Nakate because it’s “prettier” to get rid of the single Black girl in the photo.

I see it in the way you allowed Robert Kelly to abuse women for more than twenty years without stepping into say something.

I see the hypocrisy of your hatred, the hatred you spew so easily online, because I have fucking eyes, just like you. If nothing else we have that in common, and maybe if you are not completely gone you will that tiny commonality and use it to build a bridge to a better world for our children.

I see it in the way we finally got our first ever Black Doctor Who, in Joe Martin. I can see the twitter verse and the other little social media verses up in a fucking tizzy because the show runners of the best show in the history of time are making waves because they no longer care about the typical  comic book fan.

They realize there is something to be said with their corner of the world and they are making a fucking statement about the idea of gender and color in something as iconic as the famed Doctor Who.

And you don’t like it.

Well too fucking bad.

Today I saw a post from a woman saying that women should cower to men, they should make themselves lesser than they could be for the sake of the fragile male ego, and at first I wasn’t angry about it.

Until I found out Ping died, and then I started thinking about everything I learned from a man who pretty much hated my guts, and I started to see the world through the eyes of a man who was without a doubt, a fucking genius.

And it hit me.

White guys are afraid of loosing their special belief system, the one that tells them they matter more than anyone else on the planet because they had the privilege of being born with less pigment in their fucking skin than me.

And I realized, that’s pretty fucking funny. Because you hate the Joker because you wish you had have the courage he did. Sure he was a fucking lunatic, but he took lunacy to new heights. He’s not worshiped because he’s a bad guy, the Joker is beloved because he is the voice that you don’t have the courage to be.

What he is saying is that poor white and dealing with mental health don’t work so fucking well. So let’s start tackling this problem by providing services for those who need them.

He’s been saying that for more than thirty years now, and still no one is getting the fucking point. White people need help with their mental health issues. But so does everyone else.

I put the emphasis on poor and white being a huge issue that we need to solve for one reason and one reason only. Poor and white is dangerous to poor and colored. And if you don’t believe me, check the news for the number of WHITE POVERTY STRICKEN WHITE MEN DEALING WITH MENTAL HEALTH ISSUES Become mass shooters, rapists or murderers.

There’s a reason the Joker has been pointing to that stereotype since his incarnation, it’s because it’s a dangerous fucking combination.

So start putting more money into Mental Health. That is how we tackle poverty. Happy people don’t kill people or rape people.

Just a thought.

Thanks for the insight Ping. May you rest in Hacker Heaven where you belong.

Sending all my love,

Devon J Hall

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