Yeah yeah I know I said I was going to take a break, but I got pissed off and now I have something to say.

I once ended a friendship, tenuous one at best but still, because the woman on the other side of the friendship called herself a person of colour because she is one-fourth Chinese, with white skin. And I do mean pale pale pale white skin.

I have never been so absolutely angry in my life as the day she called herself a person of colour. If you have white skin, and I don’t care if you where you come from, you are in fact WHITE.

And that is a huge distinction from those of us with tanned or coloured skin because our experiences are vastly different. People care more about you, they appreciate you more, they love and respect you more when you are white than when you are colour-coded, and it’s really time you white coded people recognize that.

I was gang-raped, beaten, tortured and abused for more than twenty years, and I can promise you very few people give a flying fuck. If I were white however I’d be called a hero.

I was arrested for having a panic attack and was told by Global News that my story didn’t matter, a week and a half before they started talking about how the same airline helped a dog, who had a panic attack and a white man who was taken off a plane for falling asleep before it took off.

I have literally been told that my story matters less than that of a dog and a white man, if you are white coded you can never in a million years understand what that feels like so do the rest of us who are colour coded a favour and shut the fuck up.

I follow a ton of beautiful and amazing Black men and women, and people of colour who do not talk about the abuses they suffer because they already know their voices won’t be heard, do you know what that feels like?

White people talking about my experience and people of colour who refuse to say anything because it’s not a fight they want to take on. I have noticed it quite a bit lately and I’ve repeatedly caught myself not tweeting this shit out because it wasn’t a fight I wanted to take on, which makes me feel like a wimp.

When in reality I am a strong proud Black woman, who is just fucking tired of feeling completely alone and isolated in the war on colour.

Your experience is so completely different from mine, and I hate to tell you this, but having people assume that you are white or Caucasian is nowhere near as bad as being raped because you’re the brown girl and your abusers know that people will care less about you.

It’s not the same fucking thing, so knock it off, shut up and start making room for those of us who have real racism to deal with.


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