Listen here and listen now
all who hear the call
of the whispered one who bows

Soulmates are we now as then
All those who came before the fall
When one is in need so planted is the seed

Stand tall and take a bow
for refusing to fall down
To all those who slipped let it be known
You are the one who weareth the shrowed

Hidden pains and secrets so deep
enough to make the Gods and Goddesses above weep
Taketh the key and let yourself see

Its neither he nor she
but we that breaks the curse
For all those who feel pain the worst

Lessons are learned long after bridges burn
Gifts of pain and sorrow have given gain you’ve earned
Now is the time to set yourself free
And remember you are what you see but what you see is not what you have to be.

In Perfect Trust and Perfect Love Reach Your Minds To The Sacred Above,

Watch as Angels fly with the Doves and know always you are loved.

By the powers of three by three

So Mote it be


Happy Halloween

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