Like Rachel Dolezal, Sean King can go fuck himself.

I know that’s not eloquent, or polite, but I don’t actually care. When I was an activist, and I stress “when”, because I’m no longer an activist, I’m just a loud mouth bitchy girl, I was working almost fifteen hour days and in some cases during shelter I was legit working at least twenty-two hours a day because of how understaffed we were.

I made my own fucking money, I am trying through this blog and other areas to earn my income, I am trying to re-earn my place in the world after a rather stressful break down that was needed, and came at exactly the right time. He con’s people out of money but pretending to be about the Black community, and really doing everything to prove otherwise.

Deray went after him with stats and figures, and I’m not going to do that, I am going to fucking vent, because I am sick to death of this human being.

I love Rihanna, and I adore everything about her and what she’s done for Fashion, Music and the film industry in terms of opening doors for other dark skinned beautiful Black women to come forward with their art.

I do not understand how someone who is so smart is giving this douche nozzle a fucking award for community service. In my day community service meant you served the community, not your fucking pocket book.

I know Sean for a fact has had me blocked for years, which is largely why I haven’t said anything, but it just goes to show you that as long as you have a penis between your legs you can pretty much get away with doing anything you want, Sean King is proof of that fact.

Every single time this man reaches out to his followers for money, y’all hand it over like it’s going out of style and then y’all are surprised when you find out that yet again it was a scam, knock it off and stop pretending to be stupid. Y’all are not stupid, you’re playing at being stupid so you can shrug your shoulders and play the victim and I’m sick of it.

He’s a rotten shoe in a pile of glorious diamonds, there are so many amazing activists out there doing really great work, promoting the works and words of wisdom across the ages, and y’all sucking Sean King’s dick like it too is going out of style and I don’t understand.

It can’t be because he’s influential, because his influence is tainted by his need to fill his wallet. It can’t be that he’s smart, because he gets caught EVERY FUCKING TIME, and it sure as fuck can’t be because he’s a nice guy because nice guys don’t rip people off while claiming that people are attacking his family.

Sean King should be treated as the leaper that he is, ostracized and punished for his lying thievery but instead y’all just keep handing over more money. Here’s a thought, if you want to support good works give your money to verified charities that actually are working on the front line.

Here’s a thought, give your time to activists, writers and philosophers who are saying and doing the things you wish you could do, legally, without trying to hurt anyone.

It says an awful lot about the kind of crap that Sean King can get away with when Rachel Dolezal is still facing shame from what she did, I’m not excusing her behavior, but she’s a no go all around, meanwhile he continues to steal money, lie, use people against their will AND play the victim AND get away with it.

What kind of message are you sending to your children? “Well honey Rachel was a woman and what she did was way worse because she is a woman, but Sean is a man and there for it’s not as bad so we keep giving him chances”. Don’t believe me? he’s raising money again, and again, and again, and again, and AGAIN.

He’s always raising money for something and there is always some idiot out there who wants to believe he really is just “misunderstood.” King is not misunderstood, he’s a fucking thief. End of story.

Deray can be nice and eloquent but I don’t have to, because I’m me and this is my style, but at least I’m honest about it.

If you really want to support a person of color, consider spending some cash here, “I” could really use it, I’m out of cat litter and coffee, but you won’t, because I’m not famous, I don’t have scam artist in my resume and oh yeah I also don’t have a penis.

Thanks for the reminder that those of us who are good hard working people don’t matter as much as Sean King.


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