What are stars made of?

Once upon a time, in a castle high in the clouds a little prince looked up to his mother as she tucked him into bed and whispered softly “Mommy….what are stars made of?”
Smiling gently at her little Prince, the Queen snuggled in and prepared to tell him the most beautiful story she’d ever heard.

“Stars are high in the sky, for us to see every night.
So that we may remember those who came before
Long ago in worlds far away, children’s lives end and become no more.
As a reminder of all they did, all they saw and all they were
Always be sure
When they pass from this life to another,
Saying goodbye to sister and brother,
A light explodes, so big and so powerful that it lights up the sky
Reminding us ever after no matter how dark and scary the world seems
There is always light beyond what we imagine could possibly be
So when we lose someone we love
All we have to is look above.
Remember always those you love are never lost
They’re just reached the a barrier we cannot yet cross
For nothing in life lasts forever,
So look up to the heavens never forget
Burn bright the embers of all the lives we’ve ever met
There is Joy and laughter and hope, wisdom and beauty, are all there for you to see
All you have to do is remember me

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