This is a group I joined on Facebook, and it occured to me just thinking about reaching out to some of these amazing women, that yes…yes we do write too.

Most of my Twitter “career”, in promoting my brand, I’ve been surrounded by very proud, very successful, very talented and powerful White writers…not on purpose, it just is that’s how my brain is trained to lean.

Towards White women of power, maybe because of my mom, maybe because of societal brainwashing, maybe because of a lot of things, the point is, that YES, Black Girls Write Too.

So do Black Women.

Now, to get into this a bit, when I say “Black’, I mean “Black” I don’t care where you come from, if your skin is Black, brown, light brown, if you are of African, Jamaican, Nigerian, Somalian, or a million other kinds of Black, Black, to me you are Black.

I fucking hate colorism, I support Black women because I know what it’s like to be a Black woman and have other Black women tell me I am not Black.

Not Black enough, just “you’re not Black,” thank you fuck you.

I need more Black Writers in my life I need specifically, Black women who are talented, powerful, ambitious, strong, warriors who understand what it means to struggle in my life. More than I need the white men who beat me and broke me down thinking I couldn’t rise.

More than the White women who steal my voice, repeat everything I say and earn acknowledgement based on work that I’ve written myself, while so called friends tell me that I am out of line.

More than I need air, I need Black Women who Write too, I need to know that you exist, I need to hear your stories, I need to know that you understand me when I say “did you just hear/see/witness?” without finishing a sentence.

I need to not have to ask myself if what I just experienced was racism in it’s purest form, I need to know in the bottom of my heart, that what I just witnessed was a true miracle, without second guessing myself, and the only way to do that is to reach out to women in the Black community and so that’s why I’m writing this post.

To say thank you, to each and every one of the Black writers who exist, who I haven’t met yet, who I haven’t heard about or whose stories I do not know. Male and Female but mostly female, to the women who created a film called “Little”,  about Black women and their experience as adults…and non adults.

When I was “Little” I used to fantasize about my future self and I called her “Big”, Big gave all the orders, Big was always in charge and no one could tell Big what to do…I was also three when this shit started, I was about nineteen when I finally gave up on the idea of Big.

I didn’t think that Big was going anywhere in life, because all I ever could picture was misery, because I was projecting my current experiences on what my future would experience, and it never occurred to me that life could actually get -better-. Apparently it does, I haven’t seen that part yet, but the point is that I fell into this depression because I didn’t have enough Black Writer books in the world.

I didn’t have enough films made by Black Producers and Writers, and Actors – there are never enough Actors of color.

In my life time I have seen a woman under the age of twenty-one, a woman of color, become her own boss. I have seen a film with an entire Asian Cast, with a Production Crew made out of people from all over the world, who came together to tell a story that I as a Black woman can relate to.

People of Color are taking the world by storm, and it’s occurred to me, that maybe I gave up on myself a little too early. That doesn’t mean I want to rush into any new projects, but I am excited about this new website I just found and I couldn’t help but want to share it with you.

Y’all know I only do this when I am truly passionate about something, but as it inspired me to take a rather long look at my life the last couple of days – different parts of my life that is – it occurred to me that maybe this is what I’ve been looking for.

Big Black Chapters is about supporting Black Authors by helping them to market their books. As someone who can’t wait until the day comes I have a physical book to release to the world, I understand keenly the need for marketing in the literary world. Especially since so many of us prefer to read online as opposed to actually purchasing a book in hard copy.

Not only that, but the idea that you can pay someone to help amplify the kind of voices that have gone so long ignored really ignites a fire in me. Their entire job is to believe that you can be a success, which yeah okay I get that is marketing in general, but at the same time it’s still cool that their focus is Black Authors.

If we’d had that more growing up, perhaps more of us would be the kind of women who were born knowing they were great instead of having to learn it the hard way. *See what I did there?* I’m not that great yet, but I’m working on it. In any case I’d encourage you if you are a Black Author, to reach out and check out Big Black Chapters.

I solemnly swear this is not a promoted post, just a fan girl wanting to see a great business idea by Black people succeed.


8 thoughts on “Black Girl’s Write Too

  1. Hi, you bring up a good point. please share pages on wordpress if you have suggestions on who I could follow. I’m new to wordpress and I really liked this! If you have a chance please check my work


    1. if you check my newsletter, left corner of the website, you’ll see my newsletter for this month, I always include bloggers or websites that I love, but you should also check out Black Girls Write Too, and Big Black Chapters on Facebook great way to connect to other writers.

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  2. I definitely understand this need to connect to more black writers (and readers). I clearly don’t know where to look because I have only found a handful of black women on twitter in writing community.


      1. awesome. I’m actually thinking of starting one for this website, but I’m taking my time in building the connections and network so I’ll be sure to check out your writing 🙂

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