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That's my word for this week. I mean let's be honest, I've been sitting around reflecting on my life for the last two years, but it's only today that I realize how important that word is to me. This week I asked publicly on Twitter, "What advice would you give to someone whose afraid to… Continue reading Reflecting

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I’m not letting this shit go.

I was gang raped in the year of 2016. You know this if you've been reading this blog as long as I've been writing it. It wasn't the first time I was gang raped, but it was most certainly the last. Every night I go to bed terrified someone is going to kick my door… Continue reading I’m not letting this shit go.

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Now I get it

There is a responsibility that comes with being abused, and reporting that abuse to any kind of authority figure. I learned this yesterday when I was talking about the things I have been through, with a counselor whose helping me go through the process of applying for counselling. I learned that, statistically speaking I should… Continue reading Now I get it


Stop apologizing for healing your way

The days of saying I am sorry are long over, because I took a look at my life and I realized just how hard I had to fight to save my life - granted I had a lot of help, but prior to having help I was alone. I was in complete and utter enemy… Continue reading Stop apologizing for healing your way

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I am over the expectation that I should expect more.

I am so tired of the women in my life taking care of damaged men. I used to do this habitually, so much so that on several occasions, it could have cost me everything, including my life. As it was, a few years worth of psych bills, some humiliation and I'll be okay. It's not… Continue reading I am over the expectation that I should expect more.