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Choose A Side…98 Days and Counting

I'm watching Lost Girl. It's a show about a woman who learns that she is part of a world filled with creatures called Fay, or Fey. They are Faeries and Succubus's and Druids and Wolfs and Blood Kings. It's a beautiful story of self discovery and love with a bisexual lead who feeds on sexual… Continue reading Choose A Side…98 Days and Counting

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Dear Kanye

I used to love Linkin Park the way most people love their dogs. Completely and utterly devoted, and then Chester died...and something in me broke in ways that I didn't and still don't understand. My December Linkin Park This is my DecemberThis is my time of the yearThis is my DecemberThis is all so clear… Continue reading Dear Kanye

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I was going to write a post about addiction, but right now my current addiction is the news. I have become a complete and total junkee for what is happening around the world. I have to tell you, I am fucking terrified. Secret Police nabbing people off the street, and we're not hearing from lawyers,… Continue reading Vote

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Dear Karen, I See Right Through You

This post has been completely altered from it's original version.  Dear Karen,  You are a selfish, narcissistic, terrible and awful human being who doesn't really understand the point of humanity. Or you are secretly a demon sent here to destroy us.  Those are your options, at least one of them ends with you going to… Continue reading Dear Karen, I See Right Through You

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BLACK TRANSGENDER LIVES MATTER. That should be the end of the conversation, but sadly it is not and I think I know what it is. Transgender people are afraid all the time, but because of the struggles they go through, that fear comes across as strength and people are afraid of the strong. They are… Continue reading BLACK TRANS LIVES MATTER