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Devon J Hall

Devon J Hall is a thirty-seven-year-old Writer and Author from Surrey, British Columbia by way of Calgary Alberta. She lives with three cats, one mother and is addicted to coffee, cigarettes, and weed, not necessarily in that order.


That’s my word for this week. I mean let’s be honest, I’ve been sitting around reflecting on my life for the last two years, but it’s only today that I realize how important that word is to me. This week I asked publicly on Twitter, “What advice would […]

Fifty Questions

1. Where do you consider “home” to be? My bed. I fucking love my bed, it’s so comfortable these days, that home to me, is curling up at the end of a long day and getting a good nights rest. 2. Do you believe in ghosts? Absolutely. 3. […]

Little Bits

I’ve been thinking a lot about how I am not doing “a lot” of active healing. By active healing I mean I don’t have a job, I am not working towards getting one and my house is still in a state of semi chaos. I am not doing […]