Written while Stoned

My Hometown

This post doesn't have a reason to exist, except for the fact that I want to write something, and therefore I was inspired to write about my hometown. I am talking about Surrey, BC. The place that I have lived since I was thirteen years old. Technically speaking, I lived in North Delta until I… Continue reading My Hometown

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Y’all Want Me To Feel Guilty

It doesn't matter what color your skin is, your abuser is always going to find reasons why you're telling on them is more important than their actions as an abuser. That's just a fact. True abusers don't want to acknowledge their actions, they don't want to admit that they could have done better and made… Continue reading Y’all Want Me To Feel Guilty

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New Project Launch

So I am doing what's called a "soft" launch, essentially I am telling you it exists, but I am not really actively promoting it yet. I am working on another blog...if you will I am having a blog affair, with a project called Lumiere Magazine, or Light Magazine. It's all written by fictional characters, but… Continue reading New Project Launch

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The Eldership

There are vast numbers of communities who look up to their Elders for their stories and experience. And then there are American Politicians. Conservatives are already arguing that we should sacrifice over 8 MILLION Americans rather than let rich people be sad and slightly less rich. pic.twitter.com/9TvhxduxXB — Crystal Frasier (@AmazonChique) March 24, 2020 Texas… Continue reading The Eldership