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Art Is The Foundation of My Sanity

Years ago a former friend that I have 0 interest in having in my life again, told me that I wasn't an artist. I don't know if he was trying to be mean, but I do know that it hit a note inside of me that never quite sat well. For years I have been… Continue reading Art Is The Foundation of My Sanity

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Survivors Connection 2021 Is 13 Days Away

I am SO excited. This is the first time in my life that I am hosting something like this, and it's a bit like cracking open a chocolate egg filled with toys or candy, and not knowing which you're going to get. I am fucking terrified, and yeah, emphasis on T.E.R.R.I.F.I.E.D because I am essentially… Continue reading Survivors Connection 2021 Is 13 Days Away

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I See You There, Trying To Save Me, But I need You To Let Me Fall

In my life there are hundreds of people, from around the world, in different industries, in different economic backgrounds, that are hoping that I survive these mental health issues that are trying to kill me. This is a catch 22 for me, because on one hand it feels really good to be loved, but on… Continue reading I See You There, Trying To Save Me, But I need You To Let Me Fall

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Please Just Kill Me…

I've been thinking about death a lot lately. Mostly because of the fact that I am presented with stories of death every single day and I have been since the pandemic was announced last March. It's not just deaths from the pandemic, it's cops killing innocent people, it's children killing children, there is death all… Continue reading Please Just Kill Me…

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501: Let’s Talk About Sex

When I was about five or six years old, I heard this song for the very first time. I played it over and over again on a machine called a tape deck, and I got away with playing it at least four times before my mom realized what the lyrics were. It was one of… Continue reading 501: Let’s Talk About Sex