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Devon J Hall

Devon J Hall is a thirty-seven-year-old Writer and Author from Surrey, British Columbia by way of Calgary Alberta. She lives with three cats, one mother and is addicted to coffee, cigarettes, and weed, not necessarily in that order.

New Logo Design!

I decided to pony up, and surprised myself by heading over to Fiverr.Com and buying a logo from Marcus and he did a fucking phenomenal job. He gave me some suggestions to look at and I picked my favorite style and here we have the brand new logo for […]

Paint yourself tenderly…

One of the things I’ve refused to do since I started this healing process, is to look at what I could have done differently. If I spend my time worrying about what I could have done differently to prevent myself from being raped, I would drive myself absolutely […]

Not all men

Years ago I met a man named Aaron, who had a little brother named Chris, who had a best friend named Nick. It took myself and my friend Barrie several months to figure out that the only one of the three who was real, was Nick, and Barrie […]