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Devon J Hall

Devon J Hall is a thirty-seven-year-old Writer and Author from Surrey, British Columbia by way of Calgary Alberta. She lives with three cats, one mother and is addicted to coffee, cigarettes, and weed, not necessarily in that order.

Hoodies For The Homeless

At the beginning of the year I announced that I was going to spend every penny I made from my writing on buying hoodies, and donating them to people who are homeless. Around May I decided that I wanted to save up some money for Trauma counselling, which […]

My Hometown

This post doesn’t have a reason to exist, except for the fact that I want to write something, and therefore I was inspired to write about my hometown. I am talking about Surrey, BC. The place that I have lived since I was thirteen years old. Technically speaking, […]

WE…Have A Problem…

So if you haven’t heard about “WE” you haven’t been paying attention for the last twenty five years. No one is disputing the fact that they have done great work, but my question is how the fuck did it go so wrong so fast? This is the third […]