Go Have The Fucking Conversation

When you finally decide that you are ready to unpack all the trauma and start making an honest effort to climb out of the closet, you are in fact making a commitment to healing the pain you're experiencing. It's not an easy journey and anyone who has had to heal from abuse will tell you … Continue reading Go Have The Fucking Conversation


In yesterday's post I talked a lot about how I am not subscribing to the teacher of Jealousy anymore. In that I am making a commitment not to subscribe to the idea that just because someone else has something, I should need to want it too. Today I want to talk about all the people … Continue reading Toxicity

Jealousy Can Go Fuck Itself

It's hard to imagine that anyone could be jealous of me, and yet throughout my life it's a feeling I've experienced a lot. Let's be honest, I am fucking beautiful. I say this even with all my insecurities and anxieties about my looks. I am still a fucking hottie, and I say that knowing that … Continue reading Jealousy Can Go Fuck Itself

I will never stop talking about sex

In my last post I talked about the kinds of sex that I used to like, and in some cases still do. In this post I need to talk about why it's important to talk about sex after you've been abused. This isn't an easy topic for most people, but especially those of us who … Continue reading I will never stop talking about sex

I’m not letting this shit go.

I was gang raped in the year of 2016. You know this if you've been reading this blog as long as I've been writing it. It wasn't the first time I was gang raped, but it was most certainly the last. Every night I go to bed terrified someone is going to kick my door … Continue reading I’m not letting this shit go.