Siddha Speaks Out

The following post is dedicated to my spirit Guardian's. You know the little voice in your head and heart that tell you what to do when you are feeling broken and insecure? I call mine Siddha Lee Saint James. These are her words, not mine. -Devon J Hall, Librarian   In front of where I … Continue reading Siddha Speaks Out

Sex After Abuse Takes More Work

It's a shift in the way we are as human beings. Prior to being abused we were open with who we were. We were freer, maybe we wore dresses or shorts. Maybe we felt comfortable in our sexuality and our sensuality. After abuse we become something different, a hybrid version of ourselves, somewhat kind of … Continue reading Sex After Abuse Takes More Work

Fighting My Addictions

Hello my name is Siddha Lee Saint James, and I am an addict. I am addicted to emotional pain and trauma, I am a masochist.  The girl who was once the perpetual victim, and I have just returned home after a twenty six year stint as a Vampire Hunter. I have scars all over my … Continue reading Fighting My Addictions