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Dear Karen, I See Right Through You

This post has been completely altered from it’s original version.  Dear Karen,  You are a selfish, narcissistic, terrible and awful human being who doesn’t really understand the point of humanity. Or you are secretly a demon sent here to destroy us.  Those are your options, at least one […]

Black Girl Majick, Magic, Magik

However you spell it, there is something special and unquantifiable about the relationship Black women have with each other. There is no need to discuss what we’ve been through, because with one look at each other…we fucking know. We see each other’s struggle the way that no one […]

It’s Not Always So Easy

Last night was rough…and when I say rough, I mean it was so rough that I heard a little voice whisper “I want to kill myself”, it wasn’t my voice, it was that dark traveller that goes from one person to the next person infecting them with darkness, […]

My Family

I have family all over the world, some I haven’t even met yet, others whose names I don’t even know. We are split between space and time, each trying to get from one day to the next, each finding our place in the world. Each learning about each […]