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Dear Khronos

I am tired. Yesterday Michelle Guido said she is here to empower women. Not “here on Twitter” but specifically “I am here to empower women.” It got me questioning what the fuck I am doing here. On Sunday night I was watching Madam Secretary, and I started thinking […]

I Need The Work

It’s hard for people to understand just how much work I put into this blog. I am working almost ten to twelve hours a day curating and creating content and most of that content is provided to you all for free. LT says that I need to monetize […]


So I fucked up recently, and I called someone a slur – not a racial slur, but a slur none the less. I admitted to it on Twitter, but it got me to thinking about the privilege that I have that others do not. I realized as I […]

Revels…and Kitties

I know that I should be preparing for a big launch party for my book, but with COVID cases rising in the USA, I am choosing to not bother with a launch party until my book is actually published, and I might even put it off a little […]