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Devon J Hall

I am a 36 year old writer from Surrey, British Columbia, learning how to thrive after abuse. I own and operate and am actively trying to find ways to engage and encourage Brown girls to speak up after abuse.

Stop that negative talk

Arrogance comes from believing that you are better than others, I used to wonder where that arrogance comes from in some people, and I realized recently it comes from being taught that you are better, that you deserve better. Some people take it a little too far, while […]

Siddha and Alex: Hawaii

They stood on the edge of a cliff, gazing out at the stunning Hawaiian vistas. “Are you sure you wouldn’t rather go surfing?” Alexander asked quietly as he gazed at the caramel colored Creole girl standing next to him. She wore white shorts that deliberately covered her ass […]

Taking a break

I am completely uninspired to write these days. I am posting substandard content on this blog because I am so utterly focused on the numbers, that I just want to make sure I have content for you guys. The thing is, that I am not getting paid to […]