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Devon J Hall

Devon J Hall is a thirty-seven-year-old Writer and Author from Surrey, British Columbia by way of Calgary Alberta. She lives with three cats, one mother and is addicted to coffee, cigarettes, and weed, not necessarily in that order.


When I was in fifth grade, I had a librarian who refused to put any of my words on the “word wall.” The word wall was made up of words, that we as students used to describe the books we had to read in order to put a […]

What Can You Teach Me?

For as long as I can remember I have really wanted to travel and learn from other cultures. Unfortunately, the ability to travel hasn’t made itself present in my life as often as I would have liked. However, that being said, I have learned that I can learn […]

Dear Khronos

I am tired. Yesterday Michelle Guido said she is here to empower women. Not “here on Twitter” but specifically “I am here to empower women.” It got me questioning what the fuck I am doing here. On Sunday night I was watching Madam Secretary, and I started thinking […]