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The Anger Isn’t My Weakness, It’s My Greatest Strength ***TRIGGER WARNING***

!!!!!STOP!!!! Before You Read This Post Please Practice Self Care, This Post Details Experiences with Mental Health, Trauma, Rape, Torture, And Sexual Abuse I've been yelling a lot lately. Not at anyone in particular but out loud when the house is empty. I've also been crying a lot lately, for a lot of reasons, but… Continue reading The Anger Isn’t My Weakness, It’s My Greatest Strength ***TRIGGER WARNING***

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How To Help Survivors by Request

So I asked peoples on Twitter what I should write about, and my friend Ben asked me to write a post about how to help survivors heal. The truth is initially there is absolutely nothing you can do. There is a lot of work that has to get done for us to be able to… Continue reading How To Help Survivors by Request

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Who Are You Trying To Be?

Have you ever asked yourself that question? It's something that I am starting to ask myself. Beyond drowning my lungs in coffee and cigarettes, I don't really know how to heal from sexual abuse. I am learning that talking it out here on the blog sure, that helps, reaching out to others helps. I am… Continue reading Who Are You Trying To Be?

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Now I get it

There is a responsibility that comes with being abused, and reporting that abuse to any kind of authority figure. I learned this yesterday when I was talking about the things I have been through, with a counselor whose helping me go through the process of applying for counselling. I learned that, statistically speaking I should… Continue reading Now I get it