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The Reach Is As Far As A Phone Can Take Us

Yesterday I helped someone. All I did, and I mean this sincerely, ALL I DID, was make a few phone calls to Fresno California, on behalf of someone who was legit just burned out of feeling like they didn't have anyone in their corner. Yes, that was great, cool whatever, honestly? This post isn't about… Continue reading The Reach Is As Far As A Phone Can Take Us

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You Must Have Confused Me With Someone Else

I do not bully people...anymore. I used to do it all the time, and like all people who bully others, I convinced myself that I enjoyed it, but the truth is that I was a bitch, and it was an ugly side of myself that I didn't like then, and like even less today. “If… Continue reading You Must Have Confused Me With Someone Else


I Need Some Advice

So I am using Google Analytics now, which is helping me to discover where people are coming from, which is important info to have for the future when this becomes a business, more so than a blog. I have been trying everything "I" know how to move forward, but I have a question before I… Continue reading I Need Some Advice


Who Set Your Greatness on Fire?

I keep thinking that I want to do an event, that I charge people to come to, and then I pull back and I think "but who the fuck am I?" meanwhile I'm screaming from the top of my lungs, "THE LOUD MOUTH BROWN GIRL." In my head I hear the voice of a child,… Continue reading Who Set Your Greatness on Fire?

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Give Yourself Grace

The longer that I deal with these mental health issues, the more that I am starting to categorize the symptoms that I am dealing with. Working on the new book means that I am trying to balance my writing time with the stress that I am under, which means that I have absolutely got to… Continue reading Give Yourself Grace