She Asked Me Not To Have Black Children….

I just read the headline for this post here called "What If My Son Were Ahmaud?" On an earlier post by the same Author, Kaya, a woman commented that she hopes I don't bring Black children into this world, because of how hard it is for her as a mother of Black children of her … Continue reading She Asked Me Not To Have Black Children….

It’s like building a brick wall…one pebble at a time.

That's what healing from childhood sexual abuse and trauma, domestic abuse and trauma and PTSD is like. It feels like I am building a wall out of brick pebbles one at a time, and every time I get one side of the wall built another part starts to break down and I have to start … Continue reading It’s like building a brick wall…one pebble at a time.

Go Have The Fucking Conversation

When you finally decide that you are ready to unpack all the trauma and start making an honest effort to climb out of the closet, you are in fact making a commitment to healing the pain you're experiencing. It's not an easy journey and anyone who has had to heal from abuse will tell you … Continue reading Go Have The Fucking Conversation


In yesterday's post I talked a lot about how I am not subscribing to the teacher of Jealousy anymore. In that I am making a commitment not to subscribe to the idea that just because someone else has something, I should need to want it too. Today I want to talk about all the people … Continue reading Toxicity

First ever #AfterAbuseChat

I came up with this idea one night when the character voices in my head wouldn't shut up and I was high thinking of things I could do, to heal from all this darkness. I kept hearing it play over and over again, and so the next day I asked my friend Heather from Twitter … Continue reading First ever #AfterAbuseChat