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Release The Banshee

About three weeks ago I was completely asleep when I heard a small tiny sound. I woke up, screamed as loud as I could and realized the thing that had scared me was a pair of freshly born kittens who were running around my bedroom. But God damn […]

My Book Is Here

My book arrived today, in the mail. Which ticks me off, because I should have been able to order Author Copies, but currently Amazon has turned that feature off. I was hoping to offer autographed ones in September, but unfortunately that doesn’t look like it will happen. There’s […]

Dear Kanye

I used to love Linkin Park the way most people love their dogs. Completely and utterly devoted, and then Chester died…and something in me broke in ways that I didn’t and still don’t understand. My December Linkin Park This is my DecemberThis is my time of the yearThis […]

The Road Less Traveled

The Road Less Traveled I wasted too much time of my life being unhappy Worrying about what other people thought of me Worked nonstop at molding myself into someone I didn’t even know I was miserable with no sense of purpose… But I kept a smile on myself […]


I was going to write a post about addiction, but right now my current addiction is the news. I have become a complete and total junkee for what is happening around the world. I have to tell you, I am fucking terrified. Secret Police nabbing people off the […]