For thousands of years, women have used cannabis to help heal all that ails them. Hundreds of years ago Cannibus was used habitually and not just for smoking.

Today the uses of cannabis are only just being discovered, and more than ever women are discovering their connection to the plant and it’s medicinal uses.

So I’ve decided to start profiling women in cannabis, specifically Canadian women.

Over the coming months you’ll learn all about the women who are working with cannabis to help other humans survive this thing called life.

Some smoke it, others eat it, others still use it as an incense. There are thousands of reasons to use cannabis, and hundreds of different ways to infuse your body, mind and soul with the healing properties of this planet.

The fact that women are changing the stigma around this plant are huge. For years it was assumed only men and “bad girls” smoked or used cannabis. These days it’s everyone from Lawyers to Doctors.

Interestingly even though many qualified Doctors admit to the healing properties of the planet, the School of Natropathy has denied it’s Doctor’s the right to even recommend the drug to their patients.

That’s why so many women are getting involved, largely because so many of us use it for everything from headaches, to nausea and menstrual pain. Seeing so many other women, specifically those with mental health issues using Marijuana just to survive and function from day to day is nothing short of inspiring.

The women that I will be writing about come from across the country of Canada and work in every industry.

They are powerful, beautiful, strong creatures who know the power of their own will and are using it to change the way we look at medication and marijuana across the board.

Sending all my love,

Devon J Hall